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Now, we address TAXES

Executive Summary : There is a meeting of the AMIA to talk taxes during a statewide call. And some Fairbanks stuff.


Background: This week we were invited to attend a meeting with the Dept. of Commerce. There were 8 industry members present, Brandon Spanos from Revenue, and of course the Asst. Dir. Demboski.

Jana Weltzin made a presentation designed to "START THE CONVERSATION", and is not a tax position of the AMIA or anyone other than Jana bouncing ideas to get something on the table. BUT you should read it. That PowerPoint (in PDF) is posted on the website front page. You can read it there or download.


You need to know a couple of items regarding the Tax Issue.

1) We (meaning you, the membership and the AMIA) need to be in on this discussion or we are NOT going to get what we want or need.

2) Taxes are done by the Legislature as Statute. This means the process is not going to be fully addressed by the Legislature until they are back in regular session in January. To get to that point we have to get some form of proposal in front of Commerce and Dept. of Revenue, NOW.


Here is what is critical, the window that Commerce has opened is really small - two weeks. There has already been a couple of discussions about this, but the bottom line in that the Exec. Board WANTS YOUR INPUT.  So if you want to be a part of this process then you need to step in NOW.  Do you notice how I keep writing NOW in CAPS? That is because we are going to need involvement and focus from membership if you want to be part of the process so it's going to be on you if you want your input to count.  People always allude to the fact that we aren't open enough but I put these offers out and people don't take us up and engage. So engage and change the Tax Structure, the door is wide open and the industry has a seat at the table (meaning you), so that means members are going to be represented. 

What gets presented is not necessarily going to be the final version of the tax proposal we are going to see in the Legislature, we are also going to need to testify and send letters to legislators again. The whole process. The important thing is to get the outline of what we want this to be out to Commerce and DOR by the 25th of July.

Another option is for you to organize your thoughts on Taxes and email them to so that they can be compiled as a part of the documents for Monday night. So if you want to offer some ideas, you've got four days to get them together, email them to us, or get on the call-in on Monday night at 7 pm.


If you are in Fairbanks today ( Thursday  11JUL2019 ) ask a member of the FNSBAMIA about the gathering. It's tonight!









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