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Where the HELL have you been?

You have every right to ask the question. I have been so busy for the last 3 weeks, that it even scares me. But between DC, and taking a 10 day long road trip to relocate my daughter that ended in Denver with the ASTM International convention, I been jumping. I won't mention the allergies. Oops, too late.


Executive Summary: I'm trying to catch up. ACBA at the Loussac Library 6 pm tonight.


Here is what is going on. It's summer in Alaska and the busiest time of the Industry. As what will probably end up being 2 and a half million tourists flood the state, the focus is on making the money while the money is here. Time to breathe after Labor Day, yes? But there are still things happening.

The tax issue is still something that I hear a lot about. It seems like the momentum in the industry is gaining steam on addressing this, at least I am hearing more vocal interest in getting something done since doing nothing is going to create more problems for a third of the industry (i.e. cultivation.)

I am also still hearing about the Medical issue. As I traveled across the lower 48 recently, it was easy to understand why other states never dropped their medical as they picked up recreational marijuana. The more I look at trends and see what is happening, I think that the biggest part of the growth in use will be with people who are first time users, seeking out cannabis (on whatever level or delivery system) for relief from ailments. I speak from the front lines of that battle personally. I saw people eating gummys and chocolates on planes for anxiety. I talked to a number of people at the Denver ASTM conference who would never smoke but were interested in sleeping better. Don't get me wrong I still saw the people in every store I stopped in who were just looking to have a smoke to relax. But if the growth of older people looking for relief doesn't explode in the next 18 months, I will be stunned. You can understand why the Canadians are all-in. 

There are going to be some big things going on in Hemp as well. The Hempire event in the Valley last weekend was hopefully the first of a number of "Hemp Specific" events coming down the pipe. It is coming on so strong GLOBALLY that the ASTM International has started a committee for Industrial Hemp standards. Please remember that if you want to be in on ANY of the levels of standards that are being written within the D-37 Cannabis tab, I can get you in. Remember that if you want something it is better to say so when it is being formulated, rather trying to change it once it is established. Out of the first 5 published standards, 4 of them were accepted by the Government of Jamaica for guidance. If you want to be on the cutting edge, the AMIA can help put you there. Reach out.

Finally to keep it short, the ACBA has been off for a few weeks and they are meeting tonight at the Loussac Library at 6 pm. I would invite everyone in. There will be a presentation on the Onsite Regs the Anchorage Assembly has been working on and we can use you there.



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