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Executive Summary: On-Site in Anchorage and the Federation of Community Councils. Call reminder.  A quick review of the DC performance of the Executive Board so you know what's happening with your AMIA. And Committees.



You need to be aware that the On-Site consumption issue is coming before the Federation of Community Councils this Wednesday. This is the same day and collides with our statewide call and the recap of the DC efforts, BUT it is going to be critical for the Anchorage licensees and the ACBA to have  some opposition at this event. There is an opportunity for presentations, 5 to 10 minutes each, Pro and Con on the agenda at this time.  I assume there will be a sign up. The meeting is the Board of Delegates Federation of Community Councils meeting in Anchorage. 1057 West Fireweed Lane. It is calendared to happen THIS Wednesday, May 15th, 2019, from 6-8 pm .

Know that the Federation of Community Councils (FCC) is where the No Smoking ordinance got the traction it needed to move forward in Anchorage. 

The people who are organizing against On-Site see the writing on the wall, and they are determined to maintain the ground they have been standing on - No Smoking of anything, anywhere, anytime, regardless of whether the public supports it or not.    

They see On-Site consumption of edibles as a gateway to allow vaping, and then smoking. When ask if they can support any other form of use they are dead set against it. And understand that they do not believe that an amount of filtration is acceptable due to the fact that there are micro /nano particles that can still escape the filters. Even if you can't see the smoke, even if you can't smell the smoke, the smoke is still going to kill you, me, everyone. It is a bizarre hard-line since the zero mark is never going to be attainable with as much pollution as is cranked into the air by cars and diesel trucks, forest fires, coal fired plants in China (believe it or not that pollution floats over Alaska), and the Girl Scouts making Some-mores. We can never get to their goal, but they feel like never giving an inch is the only ground they can stand on. Be prepared. Those of us who want to see the on-site develop are going to need to be making appearances at these type of grass-roots meetings if you are in Anchorage and a licensee, or a member in the ACBA. If you are in Anchorage you should be attending your community councils. It is going to be paramount to push from the bottom up to get our message accepted. While we need to get the masses out to the next meeting of the Anchorage Assembly for public testimony, we are going to need to be involved with the entire structure of the Anchorage Municipal Gov't machine if we are going to have any lasting presence and achieve the results we are after. We CAN do this but remember to stay organized and focused. Again Federation of Community Councils , this Wednesday 6 pm, 1057 West Fireweed Lane.


And More! on Wednesday! The Statewide Call-in should be good, we will undoubtedly have several speakers from the entourage who will offer comments along with Brandon. I have to say that it really makes me proud to be represented by a group of people like those who went with us to work issues in DC. Brandon Emmett, Caleb Saunders, and Ryan Tunseth were awesome. Jennifer Canfield stepped into the mix at just the right time and was invaluable in our discussions. And Patrick Flynn was instrumental with his contacts and experience in getting our conversations steered with the contacts he had with the Staffers. It was an amazing group. We all had the same feeling of accomplishment as we were headed back to the Last Frontier, and time will tell, but I know we made some serious headway.

This will all be discussed in greater detail in the Call-in, and remember to bring your questions. That is what a big part of the Statewide Call-ins are about, making sure that you know why we are doing, what we are doing for you, our members. We are also going to be discussing the latest MCB information after the most recent meeting. I really have to say that this was a strange one, what with only 3 members present at the meeting. But we are also planning discussing all things MCB Wednesday at 7:15 pm sharp.


Your Board members are actively engaged on National issues to resolve and reinforce solutions to the same issues we deal with in Alaska. It would be remiss if I didn't mention Sarah Oates was also in DC on a junket unrelated to us, and the inclusion of her knowledge in our discussions was really beneficial. We have some incredibly talented people on the Board and working closely with the Association and they are all dedicated to cannabis advocacy. Really amazing what can be accomplished if we focus on the goals.  You are reaping the benefits.


Finally we are getting geared up with the committees and more on that in the Call-In too, but if you want to be more involved with the Association we are going to be looking to expand the reach of the AMIA to include a bigger swath of the State. It is great to have a national voice, but remember that our motivation for national involvement is to be able to gain more traction and provide a backstop for the efforts we are making on your behalf in Alaska. 



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