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Exec Summary:  If you're going to DC you need to be on my list. MCB winding recap and Statewide call are coming. Think about what you want to be involved with committees are forming. Bylaws are updated.


OK, DC. we are set to meet with the movers and shakers, got some talks to have with a number of different legislators who are aligned with or interested in the Cannabis Caucus. And we are meeting with Alaska's contingent as well. Ill be putting out our itinerary to our participants, but here comes the important part. 

If you are going to be in Washington, DC with us next week you must make sure that the Executive Director is in the know. I am going to be linking all of us together via Whatsapp so that we can make sure everyone knows where to be and when to be there. Plus if you get stranded we can send the cavalry, or at least Brandon in an Uber to find you. I only say Brandon cause he has some trained rescue skills.

Please make sure you send your info to: before the weekend is over so that we can make sure everybody is on the same page.


Next the MCB is winding down in Anchorage and the next meeting is going to be in Fairbanks in July. Great idea. Hottest place in the state at the peak of tourist season, this should be fun. I want point out that there will be a recap of the meeting during the next Statewide Call-in, but that call-in will not happen until after the DC trip so that we can talk about everything at once. That should be a bit of an involved call so you might want to set aside some time, we are going to have a lot of ground to cover. All the chapters will be checking in too.


The AMIA is forming committees that are Standing Committees as laid out in the Bylaws. If you want to know what these committees are , please reference the Bylaws on the website. They were just updated and ratified to make sure the election process and voting information is included. The latest version of the Bylaws are downloadable on the website. Check them out.


Again, if you are going to DC, I will start working the list I have today. Friday May 2nd. If you're not seeing what I'm sending out, I don't have your info. Let's connect.










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