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April 16, 2019

Executive Summary: Read this, All of it.


We are at a critical point in this fight. I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to follow our ask to get in emails but the Stiver confirmation vote (all confirmations) have been scheduled for Wednesday at 11 am. That is less than 24 hours from this posting.


Let us have a little side conversation:

We all know that when you see something like this you are going to weigh it against all the other things that you are being asked to do. This in normal. I am even guilty of this so I am not trying to point fingers. It is great to have an association like the AMIA because we have developed a network that allows us to get everyone involved. Beautiful. But it is also our nature to think that with so many other people involved, "there are people who are doing this. I can move to the next thing I need to do."  Wrong. I need you right now. And the bigger your voice, the more the demands on you, the more we need you. Especially now. Enough said.


I want to thank everyone who sent emails to the Legislature and those who testified in committee. Here comes the last push. It is a reach out to your Rep./Sen. by phone. We are so close to the actual time of the vote that I need you to call the office of YOUR Representative AND Senator as a constituent.

I am posting the phone list of Legislators on the website home page. 




This link may not work when I post my blog over to other sites.


You should know who your Legislators are by now. You should be able to recognize them on sight. They represent you. And they need to know that you expect a No Vote on Stiver. Why? Let us provide a few reasons.



  • Alaska’s marijuana industry is the first diversification of our economy in over a decade.

  • The Alaskan marijuana industry has created over 1000 jobs in our state.

  • Alaskan marijuana businesses engaged in over 40 million in commerce during 2018.

  • Marijuana businesses in regions with less regulation drive more revenue.

  • Vivian Stiver has attempted to prohibit all marijuana commerce in Fairbanks.

  • Stiver launched an anti-marijuana, job killing campaign in 2017. Three years after Alaskans chose to legalize the substance. Her initiative was defeated 70:30.

  • Alaska needs new jobs now more than ever. Stiver’s anti-business stance on marijuana makes her the wrong choice to regulate the substance.

  • VOTE NO on Vivian!


    I want you to know that in the eyes of those in power we are gaining traction as an organization because we are knowledgeable, unified, and respectful. Give respect get respect. When you make these calls remember that. And make your call short and to the point. I know you are going to feel like calling every Legislator on the list, don't. Just forward the information to your friends and co-workers, if they support you they can help make a difference too and we all live in different districts. We need individuals who are constituents of the Legislators. We need individual calls to all the offices we can reach out to. This is it. If we can turn back the Stiver  nomination and get an industry person to represent us we can continue our progress, if we can't you better buckle up it could get ugly.


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