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The moment of Put Up or Shut Up

April 15, 2019

If we cannot push back on the Vivian Stiver nomination we are going to be facing a serious and harmful slowdown in our industry. The gains we have been able to make through the legalization are going to be a thing of the past. It is time to really see if you are serious about acting a force to shape our industry, if not, we face a future of being saddled with people who will be our leaders who really, truly don't give a damn about us. The only thing that the opposition has is their hatred of marijuana. They ALREADY have Vivian listed as a member on the AMCO website.


There is still time to turn this, the joint vote is going to be happening this week, YOU HAVE TO MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. NOW. You can't think that you are going to put this off and something different is going to happen. If you want an industry voice on the MCB you must make your voice heard.


I am going to put up the file you can use as a handout to remind your customers that we need the help of every person who uses. Retailers, talk to your customers and have your bud-tenders remind every customer that they need to help or we are going to go back to crawling. 


Remember what Stiver said, the first thing out of her mouth was that she wanted to REVISIT the regulation for On-Site and how it was passed in the first place. 


Here is a quote from the Fairbanks Newsminer article ( Shaun Huot) from the last proposition to make Cannabis illegal in Fairbanks in Oct. 2017-

"Jim Ostlind, Lance Roberts, Phyllis Stern and Vivian Stiver want to make access to cannabis illegal in Fairbanks. They admitted their previous strategy and name “Drug-Free Fairbanks” was not working, so they have switched to a desperate plea of “Safe Neighborhoods.” Neighborhood safety to them includes shutting down locally owned regulated businesses, which will inevitably be replaced by black market transactions and illegal cultivations once again."


This what we will be shaping the MCB into if we allow Stiver to get voted on. 


We are not opposed to hearing all voices, but we of the industry are the ones being denied a voice in the discussion if we allow the Legislature to have a  seat taken from us. The knowledge and insight of having someone with knowledge on the MCB is what has made this work successfully for ALL Alaskans. We need to make sure that push back on this. 


I know this is a heavy lift, Everyone needs to be working with us on this.







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