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The Stiver vote is announced

April 12, 2019

Executive Summary: Last push before the Vivian vote, read on.



The Joint Floor vote to give Vivian Stiver a thumbs up or down is very likely to be calendared for this coming Wednesday April 17th. So we need to take action, NOW.


Lacy mentioned the process in the Statewide Call-in last Wednesday.and is available to all of you for a more detailed walk through if it helps, just shoot her a message with your phone number includes at and she will call you, she is real good about that! We need to act now to make sure that our Senators and Representatives remember that there is a large and organized opposition to Vivian. We need to make sure that this is a well participated action by as many of our members as possible. We must work together and ALL our members need to take the time to be involved if we are to make sure that lawmakers stand with us.



There is a Link on the Home Page of our website. I am also putting it here. 


 << Click for what you need to do NOW >>


There has been no progress from the Governor's Office on where they stand with Cannabis, What they are planning to do, or if they have any desire to work with the Industry at all. So in absence of any information, we can only judge the Governor by his actions. Which is to say: We can only assume the Governor is attempting to undermine our Industry.  This is a real stand your ground moment to see what we are made of.

We will be posting this several times between now and Wednesday, but we need everyone to get after this ASAP.

I appreciate the work the Retails are doing to stop this appointment,  if you are a retailer and don't have our hand-out, please speak up and we'll get them to you, it is critical to hand these out now.

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