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Heads Up! Election ends at Midnight


Executive Summary: The Executive Director has never done anything wrong and I know because he is the most perfect person on earth. - sincerely signed by Cary's Buddy 

I think this is the way Executive Summaries are supposed to read. At least that what I can figure out by following the news.


If you are on the list to vote and haven't got that sorted out yet, I want o point out that you have until TONIGHT at midnight when the ballot will close.

I talked with someone else yesterday who had the same problem with finding their ballot. Here is the best way to figure out where the ballot is hiding. Go to the search bar of the email that you gave the AMIA for contact and then type "BallotBin" in the search bar. This will pull it to the top regardless of it being in the Trash, Junk, or Spam folders. Then onward Cannabis Soldiers. I am NOT going to know any standings or results until the Election closes. The one piece of information that I can share that I get to see is the number of people from the pool of voters who have voted, there are still a few who haven't . That percentage is just under 50%. So you know what I know for now, and I must say that I am really pleased that you of the voting membership are taking the time to look over the candidates and vote. You have my gratitude for being involved in the process. It is the attention of the membership that makes any association vital and relevant and you people are both. I will notify the three at the top of the ballot tomorrow morning and then post them at 9 am Monday.


In other news, they have listed Vivian Stiver on the AMCO website as a member. She has NOT been confirmed by the Legislature yet, and the further she is from the workings of the industry the happier we are going to be. There has been some discussion about this and there is precedent for place holders on the MCB. After all Ankerfeldt was not confirmed through the legislature and would have been going through the process of confirmation now if he had not been removed. Though I find it more troubling that the category assigned to her name is listed as simply "public" which should not be shifting every time that they update the list of Board members on the MCB. It is almost as if they keep changing the designation of the seat to fit whoever is appointed  to justify that appointment. The categories of the seats should remain static and the appointments should fit the category, not the other way around. It is how we got into a bad appointment in the first place. 

And while we are on this thought, you should make sure that you set an event on your calendar for the Statewide Call-in this coming Wednesday night at 7:15 pm. There is going to be a bunch to learn and talk about AND as always you can bring your thoughts to the table. We want to know what you are think about as well. All the information is posted on the website.


This is also a good time to remind you about the event happening NEXT SATURDAY. The at the Egan Center is being sponsored by AK Leaf. I am again going to encourage you again to make sure you stop by and check it out. It is FREE to get in, so you got nothing to lose. Then there is the 420 event at Settlers Bay  happening the weekend after. 


I am hoping that you can all do both events. The more support we give to these events the more the public will be inclined to attend and see what is going on.

And that is going to be the best educational opportunity we are going to be able yo get.


Again, this is the last post before we close the election at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.

You paid for membership, take advantage of the benefits.



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