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Election Update

Summary: Election info, DC Update, Statewide Call


First, if you are in good standing, then you were sent a notice. Some people will find that the email with your link to vote is buried in your Spam or Junk folders. Here is how to fix that - go to the search bar and type in "BallotBin" it should retrieve your email with the link for you and you can proceed with the election. As the administrator I do not vote, I do get a notice and found I had to do this to see it. I also had someone else tell me that their notice couldn't be found until it was looked for. So search for it if you think you are supposed to have one but don't see it, the email should pop-up.

If you are going to DC for the lobbying trip you should be thinking about the accommodations, those are going to be the first issue. There is a block of forty rooms and I just got word yesterday that the thing that we are going to run short of is going to be the room block. Members have the link if you are going, use it.  It is a membership benefit that will save you money. Additionally, the webinar is going to be happening at the end of April. This is going to be a lobbying session for the folks who are going to discuss what we are doing, what you can expect, how to avoid getting arrested by the FBI or the Capitol Police for handing out pre-rolls, etc. (Forgive me for injecting some humor) I will be posting the information on that event as soon as I have a hard date and time. When we are in DC, there will be a morning get together at the hotel before we leave for the Hill to make sure that we are all on the same page and discuss policy  points. Pregame pep talk if you will then we will proceed in mass to a day full of political pro-pot activities.


We will be discussing this and all other things pertinent and timely during the next statewide call-in which is happening this coming Wednesday. All the details are posted up at the website. Call-in number codes, the works, please take a moment and calendar it.


Still no word on any further progress in the confirmation process as I type this. We will post a call-to-arms as soon as we know anything.

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