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The Election

Executive Summary: All this stuff is important to you. Start reading.


There is a new page on the website for introducing the nominees who are running for the three At-Large seats in this 2019 Election. Here is a link

You are going to want to look the list over because there are a lot of candidates. There are the 3 seats that were unchallenged who are currently seated on the Executive Board; Emmett, Wilcox and Weltzin. Then there are the 10 candidates who are running for the three At-Large seats that were opened. We put up the page to make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to evaluate the candidates before you vote. Please take the time to go to the website and look over the candidates and their Bios. The Election Committee has asked to hold the ballots for 24 hours before we release them. They felt that it was in the best interest to give the voting members a chance to look over everyone to make an informed decision. The experience of the association has been when elections happen, they happen fast, so this shouldn't crowd anybody or make you feel too rushed. So, here is the schedule:

Candidates and Bios listed on the AMIA website are now posted.

At Midnight Wednesday April 3rd, the voting will be opened and you will able to use your ballot between Midnight Wednesday April 3rd, 2019, and our official closing of the election on Sunday night April 07, 2019 at 11:59:59 pm. That is the window. A day to evaluate candidates and then four days to pick candidates and vote. 


I do NOT have it in my power to re-issue ballots if you mess up. DON'T MESS UP.


Statewide Call-in is going to be happening next week  April 10th at 7:15 pm


We will be discussing the things we are going to be doing in DC, if you want to get your thoughts in about what we should be talking to our National Congressional leaders about, this is going to be the time to bring it up. And we will have the Whole Board assembled and talking about things that are in the works, plus you can bring your issues to the table too as we always have open discussion.


The information went out to the active membership about accompanying those of us going to Washington, DC in May. If you want to go and haven't got the information I can get you that as well.


Here is the link to the  Candidates page

Check it out.



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