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The AMIA does not sell or offer for sale any marijuana or marijuana products.

Here is the slate for the Election

Greetings to you this is a Notification to members and the AMIA Executive Board as well as the Candidates for the 3 At-Large seats.

First here are the candidates that will be on the 2019 Ballot:


Existing Seats:

01. Manufacturing - Lacy Wilcox

02. Manufacturing - Brandon Emmett

03. Ancillary - Jana Weltzin


The three seats listed above are running unopposed.


New Seats! Three (3) At-Large Board Seats:

(listed alphabetically)

04. Jennifer Canfield (SEAMIA) Green Elephant

05. Adam Grey (SEAMIA) Forget-Me-Not

06. Brad Harper (ACBA) AK Frost

07. Trevor Haynes (FNSBAMIA) GOOD Alaska

08. Sarah D. Oates (ACBA) CHARR (Ancillary member)

09. Caleb Saunders (MVCBA) Green Jar

10. Tina Smith (MVCBA) AKCANNAED

11. Josh Stahle (MVCBA/ACBA) AKLeaf

12. Jane Stinson (ACBA) Enlighten Alaska

13. Lou Weaver (ACBA) Slow Burn


All Candidates are in Good Standing and submitted written acceptance for their nominations within the deadline.


I am allowing for a day for those nominated to get me a picture and a profile together that we can post on the website. If you are in good standing and voting you will receive an email telling you today. 


There has been no movement on the Stiver nomination but we are watching and so as long as there are no "shenanigans" in Juneau ( one can always dream) we are still on track to turn that back.


Do you have a booth for the AKLeaf event in Anchorage on the 13th of April? That date is approaching rapidly and this is going to be a chance to get some eyes on n the biggest market in the state. We need to start these kind of events and to support them cause they will just grow and get us more exposure. If you are waffling on this don't, we need to be out front and educating the public and this is how we do it. It is only going to be a one day event, but every impression that we  can get as an industry is going to help turn back the tide, and we are still working against the tide. We still need to take every opportunity to help make a dent in the opinions of those who would fight against us. Get a booth.


Also there is a 4/20 event in the Valley too. This is the Trich event at Settlers Bay, so it is an outdoor event. You should be at that one too.


Finally, I want to thank all those who reached out and told me they are reading my Blog. I know Sam is just skimming it, but that counts. 








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