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March 31, 2019

Executive Summary: Does the AMIA website need to get involved in job postings? DC lobby event. Election Update.


The Board has been talking for some time about posting jobs for the Executive Members through our website, but I am going to run a little test first. I have had numerous trials in my quest to determine the best methods to reach the membership. But I don't know if anybody pays attention. I sometimes have my doubts about how effective even this Blog is although Rebecca Rein told me last Wednesday night that she reads it, so it just may be you and me Rebecca, but here goes.

I picked someone at random (an current Executive Ancillary Member) to see if you guys are actually paying attention and people who want available jobs are going to respond. So here goes:


Southside Garden has immediate openings, they are located in mid town Anchorage and these are entry level positions, also it was indicated that there are several openings. Like 7. So want a job? I would suggest you drop in and the are on Arctic between Benson and Northern Lights , BUT, here is the online for them 


So we will see if there is any response / benefit  to doing this. This an actual employment opportunity, our first. So tell your friends who are looking for work that there are opportunities at Southside Garden and remember to mention that it was from this post from the AMIA.


The DC Lobbying trip is available to members. I will be providing an email. Remember I am going to send the email to Members in good standing. So if you're not a member you may not see it. I am trying to provide value for what the membership pays for, things like our room block discount and such are member benefits.


Election Nominations closed last night I have a slate that has more than 10 nominees on it. I will publish list to those who are able to vote (members) . You will see the list out there even if you don't get a ballot, but I am working at half speed this weekend since the other half is time with my wife in the sunshine. Election is next week. 


So TWO emails to watch for, Voting and the members to DC Trip with ATACH and the WRCBA








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