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The Board just shifted to You

March 19, 2019

Summary: You need to read this. There are some BIG changes before the Board nominations close. Please read this. ALL of it. Save the Date for DC is added at the end.


The Board decided in the weekly meeting, and after some consideration and discussion, to expand the Board to make sure more of the industry is included in the decision making/steering/direction of the AMIA. The nomination process will not end until Midnight on Friday the 29th of March 2019.


In one sentence: 3 more At-Large seats (open to the industry licensees, regardless of discipline) are being added to the Executive Board. And since I am pretty sure you need me to remind you, here is how the NOMINATION PROCESS works:

You can be nominated by someone who is currently on the Board.

You can be nominated by TWO AMIA members who are in good standing.

The Nominee needs to be in good standing. (Easy to do) And the Nominee needs to accept in writing. (Also easy if you know the alphabet)


Here is the opportunity that we have been asked for. People want to make sure that the Association is growing and broadly represented. It was a unanimous decision of the current board to add these seats. Positions, in accordance with protocol and bylaws, will match the staggering of the current Board to meet our institutional memory. No group can rebuild from the ground up every election cycle so all new positions will be built into this dynamic. Details to follow shortly.



Nominations open until midnight Friday 29 MARCH 2019

Voting will open Sunday 31 MARCH 2019 through Saturday 06 APRIL 2019


We are at a point where we need to be more than what we have been operating as and so we are giving the Industry a chance to "drive the bus" by getting involved. People say we need to be more representative of a broader section of the state, so represent. Here is your opportunity to be a part of the next phase of growth we are going to experience.   


Reminder: Our dues for the association are annual. Some people are still not in a position to vote and so I am going to be reaching out to make sure people are aware that they will not get a chance to vote when the ballot comes out if they don't know their status. I know I keep hammering on this, but it is important to know that we want people involved, but you have to do your part. 


To renew your membership all that you have to do is go to the "JOIN" tab on the Homepage of the website and buy a membership at the Level you desire.

Want to run for a Board seat and vote, then buy an Executive Business, or an Executive Ancillary if you are a industry support business. Remember that you need to be a support business for the industry that the board recognizes (i.e. irrigation supply company, yes. plumber who fixed the broken toilet in a Retail, no.)


OK, We have been batting around this idea for a couple of months, here is where the rubber meets the road. The "Save the Date" is out and attached to this post. It is never cheap to do this kind of stuff, BUT (big but) you can save a ton of money on your hotel by booking in EARLY. There is a block of rooms reserved for the event and you are going to want to get in EARLY. Please note the keyword EARLY. We can make a hell of a splash Nationally since associations from across the west, as well as New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are all on-board with this little project. Plus it is going to be the best networking you will ever do and you'll get the chance to work with some exceptional people who are setting the course for the industry.


I want everyone to know that if they have any questions or want more details on the process, or this trip, I am happy to share, reach out.




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