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A few minutes for a Big Outcome

March 11, 2019

Summary: Update of nominations to date, and what direction we are taking. And also to fill you in on what we see coming next with Elections.


OK, this Stiver process has been a bit of the demanding to this point, but this is how the process works. You can get what you want in a Legislative environment if you are willing to work for it. And I know that the membership has. We are certainly doing our utmost, but we are not done until the nomination is withdrawn by the Governor, rejected by the Legislature, or Vivian decides against staying in. The most likely of these appears to be the Legislature seeing the light of day. We have certainly made our points clear. It would seem only reasonable that another candidate who is more in-line with what that industry/public seat was supposed to represent be brought forward. These are not normal times and those who want to be heard need to step forward and make their presence known, or be lost inside the noise that everyone is capable of generating now. The old thought that when someone doesn't speak your language, if you just speak s-l-o-w-e-r and L-O-U-D-E-R you will be understood by them. The ignorant seem to think this is how the Internet works too. It just doesn't work, it never has. So we have to restate our case with everyone who disagrees. It is just like the understanding people have of cannabis, you know this, if you just talk with people one on one, and have the ability to explain the points, the end result is almost always, "Wait, What?" And they will get it.

This why we are at the point we are with Stiver, in need of making sure that we get that one last push against her nomination through the final hearing this afternoon. It is going to mean sending  a last written email to the committee.  It is really our hope that the membership respond with enough written push back to have this die in the Labor and Commerce committee. There seems to be a large number of committee members who understand the consequences to this nominee. If you can make the time, a last email will have a huge value for us in this opposition. There is going to be a decision made to either reject this in committee, or move this forward with the other nominees this Governor has made. That is supposed to happen today at the conclusion of the 3:15 pm meeting, TODAY. It will be on the Legislative channel, live. It should be worth the time it takes to view. The committee wants to get more answers out of Vivian. Talk about "Must See TV."


Election. Let's get this process rolling. We have an election committee so that you know the process is being run cleanly. And so as such, the nomination process is open, remember that you will only run on the ballot and/or vote if your dues are current. Have you checked? Do you know? That's what we are here for, to make sure that you know what is going on, how to be engaged, and how to be able to execute the privileges that come with your membership. 

Let's be clear about what we are doing here. Your dues make this website possible, make it possible for us to get your Board President in front of the Legislature to make our case (eloquently, I might add) when we need to be heard, make us able to function at a level of professionalism that puts forward an image of this Association that lifts up everyone involved. You and us both. So make sure you pay your dues on time. Participate in the efforts we are making on everyone's behalf. Make sure your dues are current. 

The rising tide lifts all boats, friends. We do this together, we are all better for it in the end. It is why we are working so hard on this Stiver issue, and on everything that we do. We need to make sure that we continue to establish ourselves in this industry, in this state and nationally, to the benefit of everyone.


If you want to run for an office of the 3 Executive Board positions that are open for reelection, then get your name in to make sure you are qualified for the position (category) and eligible (good standing) to run. You just need to check the ELECTION tab of the website for the details.

Got a problem or can't find the information that you need? You know where to reach me:

Now the information is on the website for everything you need. Use it.



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