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Hearings on Monday and Wednesday



Summary: Two chances to testify on Monday and Wednesday, hearings start at 3:15 pm. There is going to be a push to get Stiver appointed, now led by her GOP women friends in Fairbanks. We are really going to need to focus having an overwhelming presence on Wednesday. Call-in info included.


The 3:15 pm hearing on Monday (yes, today) is going on as scheduled. I have been checking in looking for an update stating the committee agenda, but it just keeps coming back that they are looking to get testimony from, and on, the Gov picks for the MCB.


We have been verbally assured that the hearing today is for Christopher Jamie and the Wednesday hearing is going to be Vivian Stiver. We are going to be attending both of these hearings via the State call-in system. Just in case.


BE AWARE that there is a focus from the Republican Women of Fairbanks to get Stiver appointed. They are leaning on the Republican legislators to get this pushed through regardless of the abilities that Vivian does not possess. 

You need to make sure you are doing TWO things right now.


1. Make time for the Wednesday call (Monday too, if you can swing it.)

2. Write the Labor and Commerce committee and email with your objections.


Here are the 3 easy numbers for call-in:


Anchorage: 907-563-9085

Fairbanks:   844-586-9085

Juneau:        907-586-9085


There is a link to the individual LIO's  here:

Remember that these call start at 3:15 pm and you are going to want to be in the que a few minutes early and you're going to be on the call for a few minutes bring coffee and a snack. This is going to seem like a forced march by the time we get to Thursday. 

I will be posting more information as it becomes available. I'm in the trenches with you.


Here is the PDF for all the Legislative Information Offices.  [LIO Document]





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