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It's going to be an important week

The Summary: Several Hearings of importance to the Industry this week. We are going to reformulate how we attack those who oppose us. The AMIA is preparing to step up it's game.


The confirmation for Board appointments process is a bit confusing, but if you are just getting into this, it is important we lay it out in short-hand in a few steps.

1) As Governor has or creates vacancies, someone is nominated to a Board after that vacancy happens. 

2) The nominee (who is supposed to be vetted) goes before a Senate committee for questions and to hear public testimony for or against the nominee.

3) Then the nominee goes before the House, for the same purpose that happened in the Senate.

4) Then is a confirmation vote before the House/Senate combined to approve that nominee.

While this process takes time, the delay of 5 weeks of getting the House organized has been problematic. Ever push start a car with your friends? It's a bitch, but once it gets going it takes off like a shot. They just go the House push started.


So here is the problem, when this develops it develops in a hurry. I put out the Stiver alert last week for a Monday hearing. As soon as I heard that there was going to be a hearing I played it as a worst case scenario. The Monday hearing, as I trust you have seen is going to be in the 3 o'clock hour as we said, it will be Christopher Jamie on that Monday slot. Vivian Stiver will be in front of the Labor & Commerce hearing in that same hour on WEDNESDAY. 

Stay alert. Both meetings say the same thing in the posting at this minute. Just "Hearings on Marijuana Control Board appointments" They don't specifically list any names yet. It would not be outside the pale to see something change at the last minute.


If there is a change or not, I will be posting it as soon as I have seen the calendar in the morning.


There will be a cleaner and leaner system for our push backs in the future, since this is the first time I've, honestly been pretty hit or miss. But we've been mostly hit so far.


The Election committee is re-forming and we are going to open the process right behind the Stiver hearings on Wednesday. If you want to vote, or you want to run, and your dues aren't current, you're going to need to take care of that now. 







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