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Second Hearing for Stiver

February 27, 2019

I have put a short summary at the top of this post. I am going to start doing this with every post. I was told in an elevator (Jim) that I need to put an Executive Summary at the front of my posts so that you can evaluate my ramblings for significance, so I am adding it. This is a call to action, here we go.


Summary: The House is going to have the second hearing on the nomination of Vivian Stiver, Monday March 4th at 3:15 pm. Calendar the day and time, or place a reminder, we need EVERYONE on the call to give testimony.  You can help. We need EVERYONE to testify. I don't care if we overload the phone system and neither should you. Our solidarity sends a loud message. The details follow.


We are expecting that the opposition is going to be redoubling their efforts. This is going to be a critical step for us in turning back this nominee. 

Here are the steps:

We need to flood the House Labor and Commerce  committee with emails against this appointment. Please Please Please, take a minute right now and send an email to the Alaska State House Labor and Commerce committee. That one is critical. And everything is linked through the HOME Page of the website.  If you have time, we need two emails, the second is going to be to YOUR Representative and the documents have all been updated on the HOME PAGE of the website with addresses and directions.


This is a live link to the committee email:


You can start your email to address all the members of the committee. 


To: The Honorable Members of the House Labor and Commerce Committee

Co-Chair Representative Gabrielle LeDoux,

Co-Chair Representative Adam Wool,

Standing Member Representative Zack Fields,

Standing Member Representative Sara Hannan,

Standing Member Representative Zack Fields,

Standing Member Representative Louise Stutes,

Standing Member Representative Josh Revak,

Standing Member Representative David Talerico,


NOTE: There is a downloadable document with all the individual email addresses of the House Labor and Commerce Committee members listed above. If you have the time and the passion to win this you should send an email to each on of these Representatives. It doesn't have to be long, but this isn't a creative writing contest. We are trying to make the public process work for to protect the industry that we have built, your participation is going to be critical. We need to do this and then one more email blitz before the Joint House/Senate vote. We have to turn this back. 


You can also mention that there are qualified people from the industry who are will to represent this seat:

Caleb Saunders

Rebecca Rein

Kim Kole

Feel free to mention these names in your letter. It is important that we make sure to suggest replacements and not just shout about the fact that Vivian is totally unqualified for this.

If we don't make sure and include the alternatives that we can put forward, there are equally terrible people who can be pushed on us. I don't think that Lt. Jamie is the best pick for the Public Safety seat either, but we MUST create a loud and sustained push against Stiver. This is second step in a three step process. You guys have been absolutely spectacular to this point. Make sure you ask to your friends so they are active in this process too. We need everybody in this. 








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