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Another hearing today for the MCB appointments

February 14, 2019

I am scrambling and there will be several statements coming out from the AMIA, but there is another hearing today. This one for Christopher Jamie. To be honest, I always expect some push back from the Public Safety seat. It seems that as Chief Ankerfelt was a breath of fresh air in his understanding of the futility of the drug war on pot, Chief Mylarnik  seemed opposed based on his ethical beliefs, but was reasonable in regards to the democratic process. Again, I expect some resistance from this seat. Also,I do not know if Christopher Jamie is a cut-and-dried "No" to everything cannabis related.

There is hearing today in Judiciary. It starts at 1:30 again. If you want to testify please check the blog pages on the website, here is that link : 

My post from February 12 (Tuesday) has all the call in information in it. 


What concerns me the most about Jamie is that he was a subordinate to Mylarnik and he might have been picked for the purpose of slowing down or stifling our progress. 


Let's be realistic here. The Dunleavy Administration has put a target on this industry. Regardless of the vote to legalize and the three subsequent  prohibition votes that were turned back by 70-30 margins. There is a small group in state government, of which Dunleavy is one, who are attempting to kill the legal marijuana industry. It's not like I am telling you something that isn't pretty much understood, and the fact that they haven't come out and said it to our face doesn't make it any less factual, it is reflected in their actions. But we are not going to sit by and watch this happen. We have fought these fights before. We will keep our powder dry and stay alert. We will go into greater detail with the membership very soon. We are all mad, but let's be measured and smart and pick our battles.


For now, I think our best bet is to remind the Judiciary committee we have candidates that we would like to put forward and we are concerned about the level of knowledge and experience that the candidates the Governor has nominated are bringing to the MCB. We want a Control Board that knows what they are doing by virtue of their knowledge and experience. We don't want to start from scratch with anybody.

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