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YOU should be REALLY Proud

February 13, 2019

There was no question that the showing you of the industry made yesterday was impressive. A times early on, I thought that there was a sense of surprise at the level of interest that this potential pick drew. I thought that Sen Reinhold said there were 60 people who were lined up to testify on line. That was really amazing. If the count is correct, out of 61 people who gave testimony, 54 of them were opposed. That is a pretty solid statement. We will need to follow through the process and make sure if the Governor doesn't withdraw her, we are ready for the next round. But you guys were nothing short of astounding.


Here is what we need to do to keep our momentum.


The process works like this. We will have presence at hearings for both the Senate (yesterday) and now there will be a parallel hearing in the House. Same thing different legislative body. After they have these TWO hearings, then it will forward to a joint House/Senate vote for an up or down.

They have not, as of this post, settled the House leadership, so it is still unknown when the hearing will be but we might be doing this while the MCB is meeting next week. 

We need to make sure that the Representatives know what happened yesterday in the Senate Labor & Commerce committee.


" as a constituent of yours, I want to make sure that you know that the Senate Labor & Commerce committee took testimony on Vivian Stiver. Of the 61 people who testified 54 of them were opposed to this appointment."


This is just one email that you need to send. Then if you have time send another round, individually, to as many Representatives and Senators as you can. We need to keep this pressure on.


Remember we will need to draw more responses than we did yesterday when we attend the House hearing. The Administration may be many things but they are not fools, you can bet money that they are going to be working to try and present opposition to us. They will be trying to muster people to testify for Vivian in the next round. We will need to push them back by an overwhelming margin again. Those who testified were great, Thank You. What we are doing takes real commitment, but the truth is there is no reason previously, or now, to believe that this is anything more than an effort to slow us down and turn back the progress we have achieved.

Your businesses and industry jobs hang in the balance, I will keep up the pressure and we can win if we stay the course on this.


If you need to get to the Representatives or Senator and you are just getting into this process start with the document on the home page at   There is a downloadable link called "Email Campaign Document" it has everything you will need. How and who to contact, talking points, everything.    


Watch for the emails and Blogs. We are on the march.


And don't forget February is Membership Dues, gotta be in good standing to vote in March elections.








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