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You can testify against stupidity TODAY

February 12, 2019

We are going to have a chance to do something today for ourselves. We, as an industry, are going to stand up and tell the legislature we want them to stop something unreasonable that is going to be detrimental to our industry, her name is Vivian Stiver. I know we've been working this for a few days now. We have all been taking time and emailing the different members of the House and Senate, to give them an idea of where we stand. But putting our voice on record is going to be where the rubber hits the road, and it is going to be where Vivian is sitting and trying to make her case to get the appointment. Christopher Jamie the Governor's other nominee for the board will be there too. One last point to remember - Rebecca Rein, Caleb Saunders and Kim Kole would have all put their hats in, but the form to apply has conveniently not worked for days. We have alternatives and we should make them known to the committee.

I cannot stress how important it is that we do this, and not just to state our opposition. You'd have to be living on another planet to claim you didn't know we are pissed. This is a show of strength. We need to have numbers, we need to own the day and flood the phone lines. We need every person who took the time to write in, to take the time to testify. If you're in a retail, get somebody to do some work while they sit on the phone to hold your place while you wait to testify, whatever it takes. We need to all be on the record today. 


Here is how you get your phone number, by going to this link:   


Once you get your local call-in number, call in a bit before the meeting and then let the games begin!


The hearing is: TUESDAY FEB 12, 2019  at 1:30 pm


The hearing is: TUESDAY FEB 12, 2019  at 1:30 pm


The hearing is: TUESDAY FEB 12, 2019  at 1:30 pm


The hearing is: TUESDAY FEB 12, 2019  at 1:30 pm



That is TODAY at 1:30 pm


If we can do this successfully today, we will begin to take an upper hand in the shaping of the industry that we have earned. We built the Alaska Marijuana Industry from scratch, we get a voice in where it is going.



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