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The next step is needed NOW

February 11, 2019

We are not being heard. We are sending to Legislators and that is working, but we need the committees to hear us too. The committee that Vivian Stiver is appearing in front of TOMORROW, The Senate Labor and Commerce Committee, has NOT received any emails regarding the industry's issues with Vivian Stiver. Here is why and what we need to do:

Just like the MCB has it's marijuana mailbox, so does the Labor and Commerce committee. We must get these people's attention TODAY. If we don't they are going to think that we have no reason to disapprove of her nomination. We are not going to just let this slide by. We are in a fist fight and if don't make this push today, we may as well leave our arms dangling at our sides while they punch us in the face. That is what is happening.

We have to ramp this up TODAY. You can take the email that you have already sent to a Legislator and address it to these Senators :


Senator Reinbold, Chair
Senator Costello, Vice Chair
Senator Bishop 
Senator Birch
Senator Gray Jackson


THEN you can mail it to the committee mailbox:


(I am trying to leave some space so you can cut and paste.) 


Got it? We need as many opposition emails that start


Dear Senator Reinbold, Chair

Senator Costello, Vice Chair

Senator Bishop,

Senator Birch,

Senator Gray Jackson


(state your opposition here, there is info on the AMIA website for you)


Sign your name 


ALL the opposition we can muster today needs to go out directed to one email address TODAY


When this hearing opens tomorrow, these Senators need to already be aware how much we oppose any appointment of Stiver.


The unfortunate truth is that while we have been targeting Legislators and the Governor, if we don't flood this committee as well they will pass her through as if no one opposes her nomination. Stupid, huh? Which is why I need all the members to send emails TODAY.


This is a critical ask. We have to be attentive every step of the way. Vivian is painting herself as someone who is reaching out to the industry. After she met with a few people in Anchorage last week, Vivian is painting herself as someone who is reaching out to the industry to bridge the gap. We can not let someone as misinformed and opposed to what we are trying to accomplish to have a seat on the MCB. If you want, you can also suggest Rebecca Rein, Caleb Saunders and Kim Kole as suitable replacements. We have people who are in the industry that are willing to take this position. The appointment process has been closed all the way along, and this same railroading of unqualified candidates through the process is going on everywhere not just to the MCB.

This is not going to be easy and we are going to be asking and asking for your help, but we are doing this to protect YOUR businesses and the standing of our Industry.


This email is REALLY important, drop everything and shoot one ASAP, then remind all your friends too.


Then they are going to take testimony on Vivian Tuesday at 1:30 in this committee, we need to be ready to testify that information is coming.





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