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February 8, 2019

There is a DEADLINE happening tomorrow, 08FEB2019 at 4:30 pm. There are 4 Regs that are out for comment that are not getting the response that we need from the membership.




There are four Regs out until tomorrow.

1.) Fingerprints - This looks good but could use some support.

         "3 AAC 306.055(a)  is proposed to be changed to include fingerprint requirements for ownership changes or for subsequent applications if submitted within 12 calendar months of the date of criminal justice information received in response to the initial submission of fingerprints and fees."


2.) Local Government Protest - Local protests should always be noted and weighed, but you need to support it or not.

        "3 AAC 306.060  is proposed to be changed to include conditional protests by local governments."


3.) Creation of University License - This seems to make sense as long as the all the retail rules are adhered to, you need to let them know your stand.

          "3 AAC 306.015 is proposed to add a public or private university to the list of entities that could hold a marijuana license.  

           3 AAC 306.020 would require each member of the governing board would qualify as a “licensee” and allow for one representative to be the designated licensee. 

            3 AAC 306.045 includes university licenses as “not transferrable.”  "


4.) License Fee Increase - This is going to cost you some money if you ignore it. There is a need to make sure that we are paying our fair share of fees, but this should at a minimum, need more discussion.

     "3 AAC 306.100  is proposed to increase new and renewal license fees for retail marijuana stores, limited and full cultivation facilities, concentrate manufacturers, product manufacturers and marijuana testing facilities."


ALL these Regs are listed on the AMCO website and listed verbatim on the  AMIA website and are easily downloaded, HERE:


and if you need help emailing you opinion here is that link:


I am trying to make this as easy as possible, but it is imperative that you let them know what you think on these issues. We need to be active and show them we are involved. We need to respond, take a few minutes away from writing letters to the Gov. about how we don't want a prohibitionist on the MCB. If you don't, you will literally be paying for it in the future. 







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