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The Cannabis Industry will fail.

February 5, 2019

You are going to get someone who hates cannabis directing your affairs. Someone who is so misinformed that it may cost you millions of dollars, literally. Let's look at it this way. If someone came in to get a job at your business and they told you, "'s the cabinoids (SIC), not what you think the peyote Indians were smoking..", would you hire that person? That is a quote from Vivian Stiver, the person that Gov. Dunleavy has nominated to help guide the industry for us. That is the person the Administration wants to replace Brandon Emmett on the Marijuana Control Board. 

Wake Up. If you think that we are going to move On-Site with someone like this, you're insane. If you think the Governor is going to withdraw the nomination without us standing up and making a hell of a lot of noise, you're wrong.


Here is the email of the Governor and Lt. Governor: 


Every person who owns a business needs to share this with their employees, every employee needs to share this link with 10 friends and if everyone of those friends could get two people to write the Governor AND the Lt. Governor there would be a couple thousand responses to deal with. We can do this. We have done this. I know you are thinking that I am overstating my case. Wrong. If I had any hair left on my head, I swear I would set on fire to get your attention. It is that serious that we put this pressure on. All you have to do is share this link:


Then fill in the blanks. Make this happen. This going to help you. But if you don't get involved and push back against these prohibitionists, they will shut your doors and take your business. Make no mistake they are counting on your lack of interest. They are counting on you finding something more important to do. They are praying you won't take the time to send an email to the Governor. These people want the cannabis industry to fail. 








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