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The Second Wave

January 29, 2019

Now is the time to prove where your intentions are. Do you really want to move this industry forward? Being angry about what is being done to us is necessary, but the slow plodding marching of 300 people moving inexorably  toward the same goal raises a noise that is impossible to ignore. That motion, the unceasing momentum of a mass of people with determination is what we are going to achieve by keeping up the pressure. If you have written an email or two, great! Keep it up. If everyone who gets this email would help me keep the pressure on we will win this battle. If you don't have the "Writing Tips" sheet with all the info on it, I am happy to pass it along. There are number of people who are posting it via Facebook and their websites. You are welcome to use the material from this fight in conjunction with what you are doing in this effort. All the material that we are producing is open to re-use. I really, honestly don't care if you cut and paste what you need from this in whatever format you want to produce.

ADDITIONALLY, I have added a new page to the website under the "Resources" Tab. That drop down menu now has a page entitled "Email Action Information" (Here is a direct link to that page:  

This is a holding site for all the information that we are producing as we fight these illogical and unwarranted appointments to undermine the Marijuana Control Board. This is going to be a permanent page that we are going to be adding links and posts to, but as with all the pages that we put up the most relevant and current info is at the top so you don't have to go searching.


I am going to start using twitter as a social media resource as well. If you didn't know it, we tweet too. In fact the main thing that I use it for is to tweet out the meetings of the MCB. If you can't attend the meetings, while I am there, I tweet what is happening. I will start integrating it more into what we are doing as an alternative social media tool.


Here is a quick reminder. The Elections are coming. The Treasurer position first. The plan is for that to be up by the 1st of February. That will be a fast turn-around. You HAVE to be a current member in good standing to be able to vote and run in any of AMIA elections.


We are starting the membership renewal in earnest on FRIDAY February 1st , if you have any questions please contact Cary and we will make sure that you know what your status is as a member. Also if you don't want to use the online portal and a card. I can take cash and we can work out the logistics. Just email or call me.


Send those Emails.











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