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January 26, 2019

If you want to keep an active and growing Marijuana Industry in Alaska there is something that you are going to HAVE to do, GET INVOLVED. I want it to be as easy for you as possible. I created a PDF guide (that's a link) for you to use. It's available to download from the Homepage. 

I want you to understand that this piece is designed to give you the avenues to reach the people who can change the course of this unreasonable decision.  And even if you are already writing you may want to grab the document since I included the current 2019-2020 Legislative email and an additional path to reach the Governor. 

I also set the document so that you can work your way up the food chain. But understand something - If you are only going to write one letter, you should ask the Governor to withdraw his nomination of a prohibitionist to the Marijuana Control Board. 

If you want to call the Governor's office here is that number - (907) 465-3500

What we really need to do is make sure that everyone in State government knows that we are going to fight this and the more individual mails we can put into the mailboxes of the individuals who make decisions the more we are going to make our presence felt. We need to make this a campaign. Just like we have turned back the ballot measures against us, we are going to have to fight to turn this back. I firmly believe that this is going to be a fight we will have to wage for the entire tenure of this administration. 

I want everyone to know that the version of this that is on the AMIA website can be stolen and posted wherever you feel the need to use it.

If you want to post it on another site or link it to your website or page this is your permission to take the PDF and run with it. If you need my help or any additional information added please reach out. This is a team effort and we are welcoming all Cannabis Advocates to the table.

Get Busy. 

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