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There is a Statewide Call MONDAY

January 9, 2019

I want to remind everyone about our statewide call-in on Monday Evening at 7pm. We set the time so that you can get home or eat dinner or whatever and then join us. The Board will be present and we have a number of things to discuss including a recap of what the Executive Director is doing in Seattle at the moment with the WRCBA. Please join in there is always an opportunity for members to discuss anything that they feel needs attention.


Now where is it you need to be? The ACBA Job Fair is Happening and they are working hard to make sure you are up to speed with job opportunities in Alaska. It will be worth your while to attend if you are looking at getting work or looking to get into the industry itself. This is always a well attended event and I hope you mark it down on your calendar. Also please note that the meeting of the ACBA has been canceled. They are looking for a new location to meet and if you've got one speak up.


This is a short post and I made one through the new Blog that Wix is introducing but I found it to be a bit lacking in the ways I can post it so I'll stick with the old format for now until they work out the bugs. I am in Seattle working on National Legalization issues and a bunch of other stuff for the association. As I mentioned earlier, report on that coming in the Statewide Call Monday. More Blog soon.









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