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Attention - Big Meetings Tonight/Thursday

November 28, 2018

There is going to be an open meeting in Fairbanks at 6 pm TOMORROW. I'll have those details further down, keep reading, but I will remind you of the ACBA meeting TONIGHT (I'll be there too) at 6 pm in the (historic) Pioneer Schoolhouse.

These meetings in Fairbanks and Anchorage, as well as the one the MVCBA is planning in Anchorage after the Marijuana Control Board meets in December, are going to be pivotal. We are now going to be wading into the new environment that is being created as the new state administration moves forward with it's plans. It is shaping up to be something of a question mark as to what will be happening in the future for cannabis in Alaska. The AMIA is going to be fortifying our buttresses (which can be personally painful) for the coming onslaught whatever it may be. 

I want to let you all know that every effort you make is appreciated. Whether it is just bringing cans to a food drive, or attending a meeting of your local chapter, or volunteering to be a seated member of one of those chapters. Everything counts that helps move the cannabis agenda forward. But we have to be vigilant. Almost without exception we come from backgrounds that had us spending years to get the general public to understand cannabis was a beneficial step toward helping people. Legalization was the goal. And it was almost as if we were only looking at that as the end game for ourselves. One Goal, we're legal and we can take a breather.

Sorry. Nothing is ever that easy and the cannabis industry is no exception. We are still going to be fighting this fight on a myriad of fronts for decades. I know that sounds a bit dismal and you may even be thinking that it is time for somebody else to pick up the torch and run because our arms are tired. Now is not the time to let up. We are going to have people who are going to want this industry, not just slowed, but abolished. You think I overstate my case but I can assure you I have met them and the threat is real. We need people who want to move the agenda forward, and just as critical, we need people who can help support us financially in our efforts. 


Here are some of the reasons you should engage:

-New Legislature needs to understand our mission and benefits.

-Local Chapters need to engage in community activities to show industry responsibility.

-The AMIA needs to develop a program of education to help people understand that our industry is beneficial.

-We need to be able to establish a presence in the mind of Alaskans that is positive. Print, Stream & Radio

-We need to educate / inform our National Congressional body as to how they can AND SHOULD help us.

-We need to maintain a State, Regional, and National presence on the stage of vocal proponents.


And let me address this last point. This Association has been working hard to make sure Alaska is one of the respected voices at the table. And to this point we have been more successful than you realize. When there was a recent National gathering of State Executive Directors, ALASKA was asked to speak on the progress of state associations to the National Executive Board of ATACH. Alaska is NOT on the outside looking in. Thanks to your support and commitment we are developing as NATIONAL leaders adding to the movement of Banking, Standards and Legalization on the National stage. Alaska is our priority and we are still  focused on moving the Alaska agenda with you as the focus. With your help and support we are putting on a meet and greet (in conjunction with the SEAMIA) to introduce the new Legislature to the industry in Juneau in January. This should serve as an invitation to AMIA members that you are on the list and I will post details and dates. We are SERIOUS about cannabis advocacy on your behalf.


(and here comes the SHAM-WoW pitch)


But WAIT! There's more!


Often we have heard that we need different voices on the AMIA Executive Board. We have an opening and we are actively searching out someone who can fill in a seat that was vacated by Sean Tacke who needed to address family issues. We are looking for a Treasurer. You'll need to be a member in good standing, and since you will be filling the Treasurer seat, you'll need some bookkeeping skills. So here is your chance to change the world and the state. If you are seriously interested contact us through


After all that I am going to remind you:

Anchorage ACBA meets tonight, 6 pm, Pioneer School House


Tomorrow Fairbanks FNSBAMIA meets above the Children's Museum

TOMORROW Night, 6 pm


These are important gatherings and I hope to see you there, I will be at both meetings.















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