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This is not staying in Vegas

November 15, 2018

Greetings from Vegas. The MJ Biz Convention is happening in Vegas this week. I am representing you, the members, here. To help keep you from thinking that I am only here to get a bagful of free pens and squeaky toys that look like a cannabis leafs, let me explain.

The forward progress that we make in Alaska and Nationally is an active process. It requires communication and constant attention to maintain our ground. It's true Nationally a much as it is in Alaska. If we were not always working, there would be Legislators, still, after a number of votes in Alaska, who want to roll it all back. I would be very surprised if there was not a run at trying to throttle back the industry from the incoming Legislature. Some of the re-elected are among those who would have already moved against us if the House had not been held by a bipartisan coalition for the last two years. It will be an interesting January to watch how things organize. It's going to be a busy spring in Alaska. 


Nationally is another story. It looks like all the talk about the need for banking is about to bear fruit (Alaska joke). It is being discussed in the Warren-Booker / States act. It is our desire to get some level of guarantee that Financial Institutions are able to operate in a manner which allows them to bank cannabis funds without any level of Federal intervention. It is waaaay past time to guarantee the safety of the legal marketplace and give us a debit card and stop with "you'll need a trailer and a forklift to pay taxes." 


We're working on the text advisory issue for retails released by AMCO enforcement. 


Last thing for now is chapters are starting to ramp up some community activity. I am in Vegas currently but the Canned Food Drive is starting in Anchorage this week. The members of the ACBA are going to be collecting canned goods at all the retails of ACBA members. So if you're going in to buy at an Anchorage retail, take a couple of cans and drop them off. If you're not going to an Anchorage retail to buy, take some cans in anyway. The members of the ACBA will get them to Kids Kitchen. Being involved in the community is critical. Get your cans in there Anchorage. 

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