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Sessions is Gone - not so happy, so fast

November 7, 2018

It always seems to be my unfortunate state to have to deal with people who work against my interests, like Sessions. When he invalidated the Cole Memo, which was basically the road map states were following to get to legalization in case you don't know, everybody groaned. We were sure this was a step back. Every single person who was familiar with Sessions background was certain this was a opening salvo to get after the legalized states and shut us down. We have been operating in a atmosphere of apprehension and alertness for two years. Trying desperately to gauge the direction that the wind was blowing out of Washington, DC. While there have not been sweeping attempts to shut down the legal industries in the states where legal industries exist, there HAVE been efforts by the Feds to step into black-market operators and the DEA has not been sitting on their thumbs. In both California and Oregon this year for example. My advise to anyone operating outside the system in cannabis legal states is to knock it off or get ready to deal with the consequences. It is not going to be pretty once the lines are drawn. The old "power to the people", "you can't make a plant illegal", "we have rights to access nature" era arguments are not going to hold much weight when you are staring at the Federal Judge across the defendants table in a state where cannabis is legal, because you ignored state statute and got busted by the Feds. Good Luck with that. The efforts to curtail illegal operations in legal states ARE happening and the Feds are going to figure out the parameters and procedures to step that up.

Now the burning question: Who is going to replace Sessions?

The most obvious choice appears to be Matthew Whitiker, who is in the position to step in and , as he said in his 2014 bid for the Iowa Senate seat that Jodi Ernst is occupying, "be a voice for conservative values."

It is going to be up to us (as always) to sort out what this means to us. "Conservative Values" has meant a number of things in the age of Trump. Trump himself has said that he favors legal marijuana. But, in all honesty, you can't really tell what that means. When the man himself has proven time and time again that he will say anything to anyone at anytime for any reason. As a result I have little faith. But I am also picking up rumblings of National Legalization since Canada has begun to force the issue. It is not however, cut and dried. States continue to ratify - Michigan, Ohio and Utah getting on-board yesterday. It may be a wave of acceptance that can't be turned back in light of what has happened in Canada. So what does this (speculated) new guy say about cannabis?

I have found a clip, and I apologize for not trimming it down. You're just going to have to scroll down the time bar to the 1:02:00 time mark and roll it. And thanks to the Iowa PBS for sponsoring this candidates forum in 2014. This is from their program so for Gawds Sake support Public Broadcasting where ever you are! This clip is all I can find so far, and I want you to know where we are as the replacement process moves forward. More to the point, where Whitiker stands on cannabis since he is the early speculated leader. 

Remember, you'll need to scroll froward (1:02:00)to get to the cannabis discussion:


I am going to be evaluating the lay of the land for a day or so and there are a couple of troubling things that I have seen in the Alaska Political picture that you will need to know and I will be tackling that topic before the weekend. I need more information too sometimes. Settle in, we're going to have something else to watch this winter besides another "really final, FINAL season of Game of Thrones."


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