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The Green Stamp seal of approval

November 3, 2018

This coming Tuesday is Election Day (as if you could forget) and your vote is going to be critical for the future of our industry. There has been a concerted effort for the last two years of the legislative session to put dampers on (if not out-right kill) the cannabis industry. If you think this fight is over you are sadly mistaken. I would venture to say that some of the same people who have been pushing the "devil's weed" propaganda angle, are just looking for an opportunity to tear us up. These are the same people who are waiting for the first over-dose death by bong to occur. I personally know some of those who are trying to make that happen every weekend, by the way. These fool hardy souls are doing their best, but all they are managing to do is have a good time. The opposition is pushing hard in Fairbanks, and you may have noticed that there is still no cannabis to be had in Eagle River and a few other locations around the state. This is why you need to vote. You don't vote, and those who want to make our lives harder maintain their hold on power. Pretty simple. How can you push back on these public servants? Vote them out. Or don't vote them in. And know that we are going to help you figure it out.

The Executive Board of the  AMIA came to the decision (after being asked multiple times for endorsements) to let the candidates tell us their positions on cannabis, and if we were convinced, they got the Green Stamp of Approval for 2018. The pages are up on the website and you can see their statements as well. Check it out and support them, they support you and cannabis.


There was a new Advisory released from Director McConnell and the AMCO office this afternoon if you haven't seen it,  The  PDF (bringing in new strains procedures) is posted on the website as well. This is a good opportunity to make sure that you familiarize yourself with the AMCO Advisory page as well. When the AMCO office sends out an Advisory to the AMIA we post it for you. We are trying to share all those communications, dated, in one place. The Association is really committed to communication of the information that affects you and your business. Just one of the things we are trying to do to make your life a little easier, and I see you people all the time and you really LOOK like you could use a break.  


3rd topic and lastly, if you were on the Statewide conference call last night you heard a suggestion by Dr Perez out of Juneau who asked for the Association to assist in getting the status of never mentioning the benefits of cannabis in any medical sense. We are going to start working that project forward. A committee is being set up that is going to include the endo-canabinod knowledge base that we have here in the state and we will be including the idea in our December statement to the MCB. You should plan to be IN PERSON at the meeting for On-Site, December 19th in Anchorage. I hope you paid attention and got your statements in before the deadline. Don't forget to VOTE. 

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