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November 1, 2018

First thing and final mention, I remind you again about the Deadline (today at 4:30 pm)  for the comment period on onsite consumption. This is your last shot, but this is critical. Sometimes when you work toward a goal it get what I refer to as "blurry." You start with a  goal that is crystal clear and you are full of energy to direct toward the task. But, over time your energy wanes and you lose your focus. the edges aren't quite as crisp and the reasons aren't as "top of mind" as they were when you started. This is what I think happens when you are working on something that gets delayed as many times as this onsite consumption issue has. Dig deep, call your friends and get it done, cause after today's deadline, the die will be cast for the December meeting.


The blog I posted yesterday worked fine for me but I got two replies that said they couldn't access the link. It is important that the links function and I am going to re-post that PDF from Dept. of Revenue 

HERE>          {I am a link to the Tax Regs PDF} 


And now something NEW for you. The AMIA has been trying like crazy to keep you informed about the different candidates who are running for office and their positions on cannabis. We have been posting updates to the Candidate Survey section of the website.

We are serious about making sure that you have the ability to evaluate the candidates based on their support for the Industry.

Early on we decided that The AMIA was NOT going to endorse candidates, because we want to work with everyone when the Legislature convenes in January. (We are even planing a Juneau party!) What became evident is that there was a need to easily identify who was on our side. This is why we have decided to give a "Green Stamp of AMIA approval." So there is going to be a page going up in the next 24 hours on the website that will be just that. A stamp of approval for the candidates who are working for you. If someone is not on the Green Stamp list you may want to talk with them if you can, some candidates are with us but are in tight races and don't want to alienate some of the voters. But this will be a great indicator of who is on board and moving the cannabis agenda forward.





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