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If you want Onsite - Say So

October 31, 2018

This the last chance to say what you are thinking about onsite consumption. If you don't say something now you will probably get this blown out of the water for the next few years. It is my opinion that IF you do not take the couple of minutes before the deadline, tomorrow November 1st at 4:30 pm, you are really dealing a blow to the Industry that you don't want happening. Part of the great thing about what we have accomplished so far is that we have continued to make progress. We are making it BECAUSE you have been involved, BECAUSE you have gone to chapter meetings, BECAUSE you have made every effort to stay informed and engaged. If we don't keep moving forward it will be at the peril of everything we have gained. Understand that I am not trying to scare the hell out of you just because it is Halloween. I am trying to let you know that even though we are getting to a point where everybody is starting to feel good about the progress we have made and comforted by the fact that cannabis is becoming more and more accepted, know that this can still change. The rug could still be pulled out from under us if we don't make the effort to keep our momentum. We are still working in an industry that revolves around a plant that is considered a Schedule 1 drug. The Feds can arrest you anywhere in the United States and charge you with crimes that can land you in jail. Sure you have states rights. But the Attorney General who tore down the Cole Memorandum is as dead-set against us as anyone, and if he could tear this down, he would without question. And that is why YOU have to take a few minutes to make the effort to check with everybody you know, every person who you come in contact with between now and tomorrow's deadline.


Now send off a comment, short or long, to:


You're on a deadline. Make it count.


Remember the call tomorrow night it's a statewide call-in and the information is posted on the website.


Finally, please, please, please, remember that there is a real effort to shut down edibles going on in Washington state because of the belief that they look TOO MUCH like regular candy. This is a real concern, but please put your edibles AWAY for the biggest candy holiday of the year. You should have them child proofed for the safety of your family anyway, BUT during the next few days when there will be chocolate flying everywhere you as a consumer have an added responsibility. Let's not get a black-eye here. Stay safe and remind all your friends and customers to do the same. We'll all be looking good if you do.


..and Happy Halloween!





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