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You. And the ACBA tonight.

October 24, 2018

I put out lots of information to you, but it's not necessarily information about what you are thinking, it's about what the Association is doing and what you need to know to operate effectively. But I want to hear from you. I want to know what you need to change to make this industry work better, to make this Association run better, and what is happening where you are.

We have 5 chapters across the state and I am in constant contact with them. We represent different areas with very different issues, and distance is not our friend. I am working (constantly) to keep the communication open and make sure that the members in Fairbanks know what is affecting the Kenai members or Anchorage members, and Mat-Valley knows what is going on in South East.

But I can't relay information out if you guys aren't sending it in. 

Communication is a two-way street. I have the opportunity to travel around as the Executive Director of the AMIA and the one thing that always amazes the other groups and associations is that Alaska operates as a unified body. We stand together and make moves together, because we have an Executive Board that has members from every regional chapter participating. This is the beauty of working to make sure that everyone is represented and heard. But again, I want your input, please feel free to reach out. I'm slow sometimes because I am busy, but when something comes to my attention I'll be happy to make it part of my blog or bring it up to the Executive Board meetings and let you know what happens. The contact that comes out with this and the website come straight to me. 


There was just an email that the ACBA is going to meet tonight. If you are in Anchorage and have not been to a meeting in awhile, please make it a point to attend, they are meeting at the Pioneer School house on 3rd Ave to discuss the upcoming Job Fair that is set for January in Anchorage. Last thing, the MVCBA is meeting tonight as well.

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