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October 23, 2018

OK, I am going to be sending out a bunch of information in email and posts in the next couple of weeks. This is going to seem like I'm sending too much, but if you read these updates I will keep you "in the loop." Which is what everybody keeps saying to me, "Why don't I know what's going on?"  


The topics will vary and I will send reminders for things like the Onsite Consumption comment you need to get out. There is a group out of Juneau that is trying to overwhelm the MCB with a Stop Marijuana message. They want to have more "NO Onsite Consumption" emails than we can muster for the YES argument. So, if you ignore the Blog Posts and the Facebook and the Emails, it that is going to cost you. I will drill that issue about opposition down in a separate Blog coming soon.


You really need to follow which ever feed that you can every time you see a new post. Things are really happening that fast.


We have an updated candidate survey up. Do you know where the people you want to vote for stand on cannabis? You can. Find your candidates on the PDF HERE and then read up.

Also, and again, the AMIA doesn't endorse any candidate in any race. With that I want you to know I posted a candidate video position on cannabis. This is the best candidate statement on cannabis I've seen, and except for the last 3 seconds it isn't an ad, but a cannabis position. I think it is important that you see it. I also want you to know that I was impressed with the fact that somebody was willing to take a stand with the Marijuana Industry that I put it on the website. If anybody else who is running on a pro-cannabis state election platform wants to send me their video (keep it under :60 seconds) I'll post that  too. But I would really invite you to take a look at this video on the bottom of the Candidate Survey Page.  I'm not soliciting votes, I want you aware of every candidates position. Then you make your own decision.


Here is the Short Fast List:


1) MVCBA is meeting tomorrow at the Trout House in Wasilla. 

That is Wednesday the 24th at 7:30pm Agenda HERE


2) If you haven't sent an email about Onsite Consumption get on it.


3) Is your membership in good standing? It's a yearly renewal.


4) The AMIA is going to start a fund raising drive so that we can send 4 members of the Board to Lobby in DC. Donate. Ask Cary how.


5)There is a Statewide Call-in Thursday Nov. 1st at 6:30 pm details on the website


6) No meeting for the ACBA next Wednesday due to Halloween


7) The AMIA is working in the State Executive Directors Roundtable group sponsored by the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH) so,


8) If you are a member you have a seat at the National table of Cannabis Associations.


If you are on the Kenai Peninsula and you haven't reached out to the KPAMIA then you need to get in touch with Chase Griffith (AK Premafrost), Paul Radzinski (Surna Irrigation), or Ryan Tunseth (East Rip). They are Board Officers, reach out to them, that chapter is working for you and very active. Plus they throw a hell of a party.


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