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You've Got A Deadline

October 22, 2018

I'll start with the deadline. There is a comment period that is now open, but closing in a matter of days and it needs your input. This is for a CRITICAL meeting coming in December to determine the status of

Onsite Consumption.

I hope I have your attention. I rarely take the step to call anything critical or try to make something seem more important than it is just to grab attention, but we have been waiting several years to address this issue and our chance to move this forward is finally here. The chance for you to comment will close on November 1st at 4:30 pm . I cannot state how important it is for you to send an email to  , you need to make sure that YOU send an email. The AMIA will be issuing a statement in favor of onsite consumption, but what is so important about you getting into the process is that the volume of people who are interested in getting this worked out by the MCB is what will convince the Marijuana Control Board there is real interest. 

You also need to know that there are several groups who are ACTIVELY working against Onsite Consumption in any form.

I will post what they are doing on the website, but realize that if you don't make your desires known to the MCB Onsite Consumption will be shelved, possibly for years. So is it worth you sitting down and taking a few seconds of your time to tell the MCB you support Onsite consumption? Absolutely.


Let's talk about the MCB meeting in Kenai last week which was a bit of wild ride. The statement made by the AMIA to express the displeasure of the Executive Board on behalf of the membership was controversial and strongly worded, but it was also necessary to make sure that the AMCO office was fully aware of the fact that the industry does not want AMCO enlisting Federal intervention into a state regulated and state authorized cannabis industry. It set AMCO and the MCBs "teeth on edge" to say the least, but it had to be established that the members of the AMIA will fight to keep legal marijuana under the control of state regulators. Enough said.


The next Statewide AMIA membership call-in will be happening in a matter of days, and the Board will set that call-in Date and Time during the next Executive Board meeting and once that is set it will be up on the Home Page of the AMIA website.


Congrats to the Kenai Peninsula AMIA for hosting what can only be described as an epic party and fundraiser. After two days of MCB meetings everybody was in need of a get together to blow off a little steam and make some new friends. Our thanks to Chase and Ryan and Lisa and Paul and Tasha and Leif and Roger and all the people who I am missing who contributed time, money, and energy to the success of the event. If an organization is only as good as its people then the KPAMIA is an absolutely amazing chapter cause you people are amazing. Thank You for all your time and efforts. One more time SEND IN AN EMAIL in SUPPORT of Onsite Consumption, we have to move this issue forward. just click on the link,

it is going to be the most important thing you do for the industry between now and the November 1st deadline for comments.



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