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This is REALLY easy...

October 2, 2018

The thought that YOU, the cannabis entrepreneur or advocate, are too busy to take on the world needs to change. I am right there with you. It is the reason that I am down in the trenches with you. I came to the conclusion long ago that there wasn't more happening to move the industry forward because everyone was up to their behinds in alligators. (The correct Alaskan analogy would be porcupines, but I'm trying to stay relate-able to a wider audience here.) 

The level of focus that everyone was dealing with as regulations were being written and re-written, cities and boroughs were figuring out parameters, and everyone was trying to be compliant, was mind numbing to say the least. In that wide open environment it was a survival of the fittest mentality. I am still watching businesses scale back and even sell-off or fold, while start-ups are still trying to come online in Alaska. Some ARE thriving as well but it's becoming less of an uphill battle. The majority of the businesses are beginning to get into a sustainable pace that is allowing for a little breathing room. So as you take a breath, and have a little sliver of your focus to spare, share a bit of that focus or a moment of your day in a way that really benefits you. Keep reading, we're going to make this easy cause we've done the work for you.

We are going into a critical election for cannabis. Most people don't realize that after the AMIA started actively working with Chapters and watching the political circus, our only goal was to make sure that our initiative wasn't rolled back by the Legislature. Even as licenses were being issued by the AMCO office, if there had been enough push-back from the Legislature that industry could have been stopped in its tracks. We kept our heads down and didn't make any legislative asks. The strategy was two-fold, operate as good businesses to provide legal cannabis, and get the tax revenue from a summer of canna-tourists into the state coffers. Being a NEW source of revenue in a state that is going through financial difficulties really what brought cannabis into the light.

We aren't out of the woods yet. This is why we are posting the surveys from the candidates who are running and letting you know where they stand.

There are individuals on the upcoming ballot who are looking for your vote and they are asking in spite of the fact that there are candidates who OPPOSE you being in business. 

Hard to believe isn't it? We put out the candidate survey to see where candidates stand. You need to know if the people you are voting for are going to work against your best interests, and against the cannabis industry. 

The reason I am sounding off a little bit about this is that there are a number of candidates who have not even responded. You don't have to go digging through the whole PDF document to get the gist of what I am saying. Look no further than the first page.


I want to make sure that you know the AMIA is not going to tell you who to vote for.


But, look at the top of the slate and look at the responses that we have from the gubernatorial candidates. That same blank space is there in nearly every race in the state. There should be responses from every candidate for every seat. There are not. We posted the survey, take a look at it fro yourself if you haven't. Two questions, very simple. Yet a number of candidates choose not to respond. Why? It is becoming more and more obvious that after everything that the industry has been through, there are still elements within the state that see us as an unnecessary evil.

Honestly, you do not want to support those who don't support you. 


There is an updated results page up  on the website today.


Take that little sliver of focus, or just a moment that you can spare today and look at who will support you and use your vote wisely. If we don't get a legislature in place that can support us, we will be making little or no progress. And that will most likely be at a snails pace. And that will continue for two years.


We are trying to change the color of this State, but we are going to change it to Cannabis Green.  Get registered and vote.










































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