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September 25, 2018

Greetings and good morning. I hope you are reading these emails/blogs/posts. It has been an ongoing issue for me to get everybody the information that they need to keep up with what is happening in the State of Alaska, I sure hope that you get that I am cross-platform (Blog to the Website, mass email and Facebook post) releasing these updates so that you can pick the preferred method of receiving updates that appeals to, or is easiest, for you. SO, remember that there are 3 ways to see each of these posts and a link on the twitter feed I maintain for the AMIA.


Now before you say that you don't know what these links are or you can't get to them remember that they are on the Home Page of the website. I am going to include them here so you have access at your fingertips.


The AMIA Website is :


The AMIA Facebook page is:


The AMIA Twitter is : 



And for the purposes of making sure that the emails are getting through the best thing is to make sure that the Wix Shoutouts and any Constant Contact emails are not going into your "junk" or "spam" folders.

Again, if you just open the emails, you can get these updates, but the reason that I am peppering you with this info is that things have been (and are) happening so fast that I can not take the time to put together a Newsletter and still get you the information you need to make decisions in a timely fashion.

By the time everything is formatted the target has moved, the information has shifted into an item that effects other issues. It is maddening. Then people want to know why they don't know what is going on or why I am withholding information. I am not.  Want one of my endless analogies? I am trying to get self-adhesive name tags put on the participants of an open meeting of the society of people who are scared of glue. Welcome to my world. 


Next issue. I rarely (if ever) get into the comments from people on Facebook, but I want to clarify something that seemed to cause a bit of concern. It was the comment about Clark Cripps and his representation of the Kenai Peninsula on the Executive Board. Clark is a stand up guy who sacrifices a lot of his time to be involved and help make the AMIA run smoothly from his position as an At-Large member. It seems as though that caused some concern. It should be evident from the fact that there is a Kenai Peninsula AMIA (KPAMIA). There is Board President of the KPAMIA - Chase Griffith of Permafrost, who is working hard to get things better organized and I am working at his direction to assist however I can. But Clark is ALSO a member of the KPAMIA (not the KPAMIA Board) who is from Homer and on the AMIA EXECUTIVE Board, and as such attends the Executive Board meetings. We have worked hard to keep things clearly defined and continue to make sure people are included in this process.


Chase is the President of the KPAMIA and as such represents the KPAMIA and all of it's membership on the Kenai Peninsula. Chase also attends Executive Board with the Chapter Presidents who give reports and participate with the other chapter Presidents (Mat-Su, Fairbanks, Anchorage, and SouthEast) on a regular basis, to give input to the Executive Board to make sure there is a channel to put forward any CHAPTER concerns. Clark was voted to the Executive Board by Statewide Membership, but is a member of the Chapter where he resides. AGAIN, Chase is the driver of the Kenai Peninsula chapter and the representative of the members of the KPAMIA including Clark. 


I apologize for any confusion created, as I write quickly, and sometimes I get a little "stream of conscious-y". So you can drop that problem at my door and not at Chase or Clark's.


On the other-hand it IS nice to know that there are people who are working in the best interest of ALL the chapters to keep moving the cannabis agenda ahead. 


NOW, new results have been posted to the website as political responses continue to come in from the people who are running for office in the November election. We have Governor and Lt. Gov. responses and more candidates are responding daily. 

It is a very important time for us. Remember that the Cole memorandum has been rescinded by Attorney General Sessions and so there is NO road map for the direction we are traveling. The best way for you to help keep us on track is to MAKE SURE YOU VOTE. Personally, I am not so concerned about how you vote. The AMIA is not going to endorse anybody. The Board has made this clear. 

BUT, we want you to know who supports CANNABIS and who does not come forward to say so. We want people who help move our interests/agenda forward, and we hope you do too. Lacy Wilcox is really making a Herculean effort to get this together and we all owe her a big thank you to make sure that she knows how important her efforts are to us.

This is how you make a difference. This is the way that you get involved, this is how you keep Cannabis legal. When you ask yourself, "What can I do?", the answer is bring into sharp focus for those who would oppose our agenda by voting for people who will work with and for us. When every member who supports the AMIA working that agenda we will be a force in Alaska.

















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