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The promised News From AMCO page

September 20, 2018

The news that comes out of AMCO sometimes gets buried among all the flying information on the web, I don't about everybody, but a fair amount of people relay to me the fact that they are inundated with me. Welcome to the Paper-less World of Tomorrow! 

I have always been a believer in open communication and I have been a proponent of sharing that info, so in the interest of "Walking your Talk" I have built a page specifically to keep you informed of the releases coming out of AMCO. I am posting two (2) different informational releases that will be impacting our membership.

I am cutting and pasting this information, and then linking it to a secure PDF so that the information isn't alterable for your protection. I want people to know that a locked PDF downloaded from our site is the content that we received and put out straight to you. 

I want to add that there have been many conversations about what is the benefit of being a member in the AMIA if everything is out there and not exclusive to membership. We have really tried to not exclude people from our progress and tried to keep our dues low. In many cases people just haven't had the money to spend as they started up. But with the number of established members who are joining in this paradigm is starting to shift. I want you to know that this will change over the next couple of months. We are NOT going to be pushing up our dues, we still feel that as an Association we need to be an enhancement to cannabis business, not a burden. But in fairness those people who participate and stand with our desire for true cannabis advocacy, there needs to be some benefits for their investment in the AMIA.


Before people's heads explode, most of our website information will be available and open still, but there will also be resources that will be password accessible to membership. I don't expect THIS (going up today) AMCO information page to ever be anything as open for everyone since it will be a vital reference to people trying to start a business.


I am also sure that this will be something that we poll members on, and take their input in account before we begin any process to figure out what is "general information" and what falls into the "Members Benefits." The discussion to this point has been trying to make sure that there are definite benefits to membership. Honestly, we are constantly working to enhance your position (both members and non-members) and to keep the playing field level for everyone, that will never change. But you need to know that very soon membership is going to become something of a more enhanced benefit than just a guarantee of voting rights for being in good standing with the Association.


So check out the new AMCO Information page under the Resources tab on the HOME page there are new posting there, and if you haven't  looked at where the politicians stand on cannabis remember that that page under the Resources tab is worth a look too.







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