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September 19, 2018

That sounds a little ambitious but it is what I am trying to do. Since that may be unattainable I am going to continue to work from this Blog and try to get out as much information to as many people as possible in a fast a fashion as possible. I gotta tell you, I NEVER thought that the toughest part of being an Executive Director would be trying to coordinate HOW to get info out when people (as in Social Media companies) think you are a drug pushin', dog kickin', Russian hacker. It is enough to make one self-conscious. Thank goodness my self-esteem is still intact. I am thinking that I may have started to strike the correct chord however after the return response from yesterday. I want to thank all those who were paying attention and I also want to let you know that I think the Blog is going to be able to get out the word fairly effectively and in a timely fashion. regardless I am going to keep moving forward with my other efforts and see if something better can't be developed as well. 


Here is a quick note right off the top. Anchorage meeting tonight (ACBA) at 6pm in the Pioneer School House. Leah generally sends out a notice ahead of the event so if you are on the ACBA email list you should be seeing that. If not then make sure you contact Leah Levinton at Enlighten Alaska. If you would like to get on the agenda of the meetings you can contact Nick Miller through AK Buds. I will post up all the chapter contacts on the website by chapter as soon as I get the email issue (see the last paragraph) resolved.


I am going to be opening a new page on the website, as I am working with Lacy Wilcox from the SEAMIA and our illustrious Legislative Liaison who is working on getting the positions of the candidates running in the November election posted for the benefit of the membership.


The document (PDF) is physically long because it includes ALL the districts, and additional comments. It needed to be downloaded since we couldn't post it on the page as an image it would have been unmanageable. Putting the PDF on the page was simple and fast and we can update it quickly, even multiple times daily if necessary.


Also, the AMCO office through Director McConnell posted some directions dealing with the Events and METRC. It occurs to me that what needs to happen if this process is working, is that I need to post those AMCO documents on the AMIA website in their own section. Then when I post this Blog post on the web and also post that link it to a shout out email AND this Blog to Facebook, I will be extremely confused (like you by now) . But you can bet that between Blog, Website, Email, and Facebook there won't be any excuse to say that we aren't trying to reach out. I really want to get this information to everyone in the State and I am always open to suggestions. You know where to reach me. I should have that new section up and running tomorrow.


Don't forget the ACBA tonight at 6pm.






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