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New Board with the Kenai Peninsula AMIA

September 18, 2018

OK. Lots happening. There has been a bit of a disconnect with the members and I am taking the hit for that. I have been having a heck of a time for about the last 6 months with finding a vehicle to get the information out in a manner that works for everybody. I am beginning to think that the Blog (which can be cross posted on Facebook may be the best way to get this process started. So here is the outreach. If you go to the Website you will be asked if you want to subscribe to the mailing list and i encourage you to do so. Part of the problem is that the Association has been forced to deal with the "you are part of the Marijuana industry and we don't allow that" mentality. After we explain that we are just the representatives of the Industry, a trade organization, that leads to things like getting a bank account and other treatments that should already be afforded us. The email has been a continuing problem since Google banned us from using our email as a means of communication. I have reached out numerous times to them unsuccessfully, but am going to start the process again. In the meantime I am going to be posting to this blog everytime that I send out an email and I am going to then also cross-post this on Facebook to help expedite the process. I hope it works, but I want you to remember that this is a two-way street and I am reaching out statewide, so if you see that I am sending out information and you are not receiving it, please check and make sure that mails from the AMIA are not ending up in the junk or spam folders. It is important, actually critical that the open line of communication we are putting out is getting to you and if you are having problems then I need to know that our methods are not adequate. Please give us the time to get this working for everybody. it's going to take a week probably, so I am looking for constructive help from the membership.


Onto other news. We had a great meeting with the folks in Kenai and the KPAMIA has a new President - Chase Griffith of Permafrost is the Board President, Paul Radzinski of Surna (an Ancillary Member from Cooper Landing) is the VP, Leif Able is still filling in as Secretary and Tasha Grossel of Grey Lady and Roger Boyd of Red Run are both still on the Board as well. I would like the folks on the Peninsula to know they are represented on the Statewide Board by Clark Cripps of HUB (Insurance) and Clark is out of Homer. Also like to welcome Patricia Patterson of High Bush to the Association, and Ryan Tunseth of East-Rip who is also just opened in Kenai. 


Also, since there has been mention of it but people are not getting the info as fast as I'd like, I want to remind everyone that we are really pleased to have the Anchorage Cannabis Business Association (ACBA) as a functioning Chapter. It is great to have the support of this group of activists and amazing people in with all the rest of us in the AMIA membership. We are working hard to make sure that we are doing right by all of the members. If you are in any part of the State and you have any questions or if we can help, please reach out. 


I have set a tentative meeting with a group from the Kenai to answer questions/concerns on the 13th of October, again that is tentative and I will relay information as it becomes available to me.


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