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We are really, really HAPPY

August 28, 2018

I have been running at top speed for about 3 weeks and there IS a Newsletter coming. It is difficult to be the Executive Director AND the editor of the Newsletter. Either one of those could be a full-time endeavour. I can't totally believe what has transpired in the last couple of weeks myself and I was there. The High Times event in Knik (nice job Kerby and crew), the Marijuana Control Board meeting for 3 days in Fairbanks and the fund-raiser that followed that. And finally the fund-raiser in Anchorage, which was a success and THANK YOU to everyone who attended, donated to the cause with Silent Auction items and those who supported with their pocket books. It was a rousing success. 

Mostly I am really, really happy about the fact that the ACBA voted last Wednesday night to become a chapter of the AMIA. We already had AMIA members in Anchorage, and we were being attentive to their needs, but we felt it was important to be responsive to the Anchorage Cannabis Business Association (ACBA) too. When groups are already established, it is critical to include them and the ACBA has been in the fight since the Ballot passed and cannabis was legalized in Alaska. I think also that it is imperative that the groups that are joining to work on mutually beneficial projects and support each other, both financially, and in matters of time and effort. 

I also want to say that it is sometimes necessary to make sure that everyone is in the same place with intent, stability, and responsiveness to the cannabis advocacy we espouse, that takes time. I think that moving into a mutually beneficial relationship is not to be taken lightly and I want to say for the benefit of all that I am pleased that the ACBA found that we were walking our talk, and felt secure enough in our desire to lift us all to the next level. Any good relationship is dependant on both partners to make the effort to move forward, and the combination of the Anchorage Community talent and drive , coupled with the groundwork and dedication of the AMIA in our statewide efforts is going to be a benefit to everyone.


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