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Working the MCB in FBX

August 16, 2018

Had an interesting day in Fairbanks yesterday at the first of three days of meetings. It always seems that the first day and the end of these meetings are the most intense. There was some movement made in the On-Site issue that everybody wants some level of resolution with, but there are some developments that need to be noted. The public comment is going to open and my expectation is that every one of the members is going to take the time to push the position in favor of getting some level of on-site approved by the MCB Board. We have waited too long not to put our full attention to this now. Mr. Jones put forward that there needs to be an open session where people can give testimony to the MCB in December and they expect to have an hour for testimony. I plan to be the first one to register and I have already requested to be placed on the list to testify. I am also going to be putting out a list for members to sign-up on who can't attend that meeting. I am going to formally present that to the MCB Board of all the people who want to testify, but will be unable to attend the meeting to express their support of making On-Site consumption a reality. This is going to be of PARAMOUNT importance to every cannabis advocate in Alaska as well as other states that are just getting legalization. We are going to be breaking some ground here and I can not stress the level of involvement that we need on this issue. We are making ground Nationally as the AMIA and now is not the time to slow or turn from the path we have set for ourselves.

I would mention as a side note here that they are working on getting On-Site up and running as part of the legalization in Canada so we are in good company. We are not alone.

Other things that happened at the meeting of note was the fining of the Hempfest by the MCB Board. I think that the public consumption has raised the hackles of a lot of cannabis advocates , and we are trying to work out these problems with, perception, execution and the law. But remember that these issues are worked out through process and if we work forward and use the tools at our disposal, we can reach the end we desire. Patience is going to be cornerstone of the house we build, and make no mistake we are making the strides forward we need, but there is not going to be a single leap to where we know we should be. We are working on all this.

Two new handlers card businesses (educational) approved, one which fascinates me. They are a medical cannabis educational group who will be offering upper level information. If you need a card I still recommend Handle Alaska , but if you are looking to get certifications this new company offers medical information classes. I am going to be writing more on this as I am now accessing their site and running through the training myself, but what I have seen is amazing.


Last there is a Journal of the American Medical Association that I will post up on the Facebook page if you haven't seen it. It is an amazing (IMHO) endorsement of the benefits of CBD. Be looking for it. It will be worth the read.  

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