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A Lot is Popping

February 1, 2018

Been a few days and a bunch is happening. The MCB just wrapped up 3 days in Juneau and the new member (Travis Welsh - Barrow C.O.P.) was in attendance. He seemed to fit in and doesn't appear to have a chip on his shoulder for the industry, which should really be a prerequisite for sitting on the MCB. It was a pretty rapid turnover for the vacated seat and I would have liked for more input on the selection from the industry before it was made, but we will be making that known. 

The meeting itself was interesting to say the least. I need to let you know that I was sitting in the audience for the first two days of the gathering in Centennial Hall, but I am now in the process of calling-in while I am actually sitting in the audience to see what the sound quality is like and what is going on. At the point I called in on the second day there were 104 others on the call. I am still at a bit of a loss as to why the chair has to constantly remind people to mute their phones. We heard people washing dishes and babies and all kinds of parts of conversations. It is really helpful if you mind your phone etiquette while you are listening in. It makes it really difficult for the MCB to do their job and compete with whatever is coming across the teleconference speaker. Remember that the MCB is made up of volunteers who are trying to get the industry up and running effectively, which ultimately benefits you. 'Nuff said.

A re-cap of the MCB is going to be happening during the next statewide call which is happening next week we are just trying to set the time and line up speakers from chapters, etc. 

Also we have finally got the Facebook page up and on step, and now next is the newsletter. That is something that we have been struggling with and are trying to get a system in place that doesn't take up tons of time and energy, distracting from things like how we are dealing with Sessions, Banking, Enforcement issues, etc.

Please be watching your emails and make sure that the AMIA stuff is not going to your "Promos" or "Spam" folders. There is going to be things coming down the pipe that you will need to be paying attention to.



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