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The New AMIA Board

January 19, 2018

There is a new Executive Board of Directors that has been voted in for 2018. In the contested seat for the Ancillary Seat Clark Cripps was elected. Nick Miller (At-Large), Kim Kole (Retail), and John Banister (Cultivation) were also all elected in uncontested races. The entirety of the Board composition can be looked at on the website, under the Board tab. I would just like to let the membership know that after working with most of the Board in some capacity for the last two years the AMIA is fortunate to have people with this kind of dedication and drive to work for the benefit of all its members. I want you to know that I have traveled and spent days around them, and I think I can make some objective evaluations. They are smart, thoughtful, conscientious, dedicated cannabis advocates who always act in the best interests of the AMIA even when it is not necessarily in their best interest. It speaks volumes about the character of the people that you have chosen to represent you. Everyone should feel reassured that the AMIA Executive Board is going to perform at a  high level and always work for the long-term best interest of the AMIA. 

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