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Let's keep the momentum in 2018

January 16, 2018

We (and by "WE", I mean all of us) are really in a good position to effect some good change in 2018. The AMIA is for the first time sporting a full Executive Board of 9 members. We will be making that announcement soon. When we had a change in the leadership in Fairbanks there were qualified and dedicated people to step in and pick up the baton and move things forward. We are now aligned with the WRCBA. You might say that we are abdicating our control or letting someone else lead and that is the exact reason why we were involved from start-up with the Western Regional Cannabis Business Alliance (WRCBA) we are making a real effort to get everybody pushing in the same direction and that is really how things get done. When we stand up alone, we get respect we have worked for in Alaska. But Nationally not so much. Now that we can say we are part of a collaboration of western states (Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Arizona and Hawaii) we gain the attention of those we talk with. 

Alaska is on the radar, respected  and recognized by our peers in the industry thanks to the efforts of the AMIA. You might be tempted to ask how does this help me? Many of the issues that we face (Schedule 1, 280e, banking, transportation, etc.) are issues that are going to require a foot in Alaska and another foot in the national arena. This what we now have. People are beginning to take notice. Our goal is to make positive change that helps members in Alaska no matter what level the problem takes. It is a good feeling that in the 3 years we have been operating we have gained the footing that we now have. When you add into that mix the prohibition measures that were turned back in the last couple of years (volunteers, YOU made that happen) and the plans being implemented to raise the profile of the Association in the state via public service announcements we are designing and there is plenty happening that is a direct benefit to the entire membership. Thank you for your support and membership. We are moving ahead, let's keep the momentum.





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