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Why Me?

January 11, 2018

That sounds tremendously pitiful doesn't it? Not that bad really. It just always seems like I am facing Murphy's Law with everything we research , plan, test, discuss, retest, adjust, check for executability, and then implement. Then as soon as we say "Hey! Look at us!!! Look at this!!!" Our pants fall to our ankles and we are wearing polka dotted underwear. It inevitably turns into a clown show. Such was the case on the opening day of our 2018 election as the site (Ballot Bin) had their site certificate expire and the actual voting was unavailable. The point of this rambling is that the problem was fixed by Ballot Bin, but not before I enjoyed an interesting level of cardiac failure after 2 months of work to get to the vote for the Association.

But, all well that ends well, eh? We will have results shortly after the election is over.


On another note, the AMIA has been working hard on the Sessions issue which is on everyone's radar. We, the AMIA and by default YOU, have been working almost non-stop to get the other Western States together to be able to present a unified front against the Federal efforts we are seeing to hamper the legalized cannabis states. We are pleased to announce that this effort spearheaded by Brandon, Lacy and your Executive Director has borne fruit. I will post more detailed information soon, but know that you can mention the name of the AMIA along the West Coast and get recognized for the cannabis advocacy work we are doing here and elsewhere. We now have multiple States weight behind our efforts, which is going to be huge in this fight. 

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