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Election update #2 (I need catchier titles)

December 7, 2017

We covered a lot of ground last night in the Statewide call-in regarding the election and I wanted to make sure that everybody who has an interest in the process but was unable to join in last night could get updated too. 

The main thing to remember is that nominations are still open until the 14th of December at 11:59pm. It is important to remember several things. That you are an executive level member, either Business or Ancillary level , to be nominated and to vote. Additionally, that you need a nomination from someone other than yourself ( i.e. a dues-paying member) and then you need accept that nomination ( The Executive Director will make that contact). 

After the 12am on the 15th we will be in Voting mode.

The big news that was discussed last night was that the election committee is working on evaluating on-line voting systems for integrity, anonymity, accuracy, and cost. We are trying to accomplish two things here. 1.) not spending money, and 2.) guaranteeing the process is verifiable for the AMIA membership to maintain their confidence in the process. Once the Election Committee is satisfied and their recommendations are forwarded to the Executive Board and approved by the Board, we will move forward. 

The timeline is going to be tight, and as a result of time constraints we may not actually start voting until a few days after the 15th of December (when our voting is scheduled to start), but if we are going to shift gears and change the process, we need to make sure that the process we are changing to is the right one.

Remember that if you have any questions or comments, you can direct them to the Executive Director -


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