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Going to Run? Be A Star!

November 30, 2017

OK, the first Blog post of the Election season. Also known as the Holidays. Also probably the reason that so many people voted to legalize Cannabis for Adult Use. The time of the year notwithstanding, this is an election pure and simple and there are 3 seats to be voted on so I will be dropping information onto the Blog to let everybody know how it is progressing and what is coming next. First, nominations. Starting on December 1st, 2017 just after midnight nominations will be opened. They will remain open for 2 weeks then at the stroke of midnight on the night of december 14th, 2017 they close. 

Since you can be from any part of the state, it is our desire to make sure that all the candidates get a chance to present themselves to the membership. How we are going to do this is to post videos on our AMIA YouTube channel. This is purely voluntary and nobody gets more than :30 seconds. And trust me, thirty seconds is a lifetime when you are talking and staring at the second hand of a clock tick. I will post the details here in a few days. I have faith in your talents and desire to make a brilliant impression on the voting membership. 

In fact, I will probably post something to give you the idea of what I am talking about. I'll let you know where to look when we get some posts up there.

Throughout this process, if you have any questions or need clarification, and I know sometimes clarification is necessary, say something. We are not a highly paid staff of hundreds working round-the-clock - there are a few people like you who are volunteering to make this work and help to promote cannabis advocacy. If something looks off, let us know, we'll fix it ASAP. And we'll thank you for helping us spot a problem we missed. 

Tomorrow, I'll post a little background on how we did this last year. The whole process will be detailed out as soon as I get the documents proofed and on line. I'll be blogging here and posting  PDF documents under the election tab on the Homepage page of the AMIA website. 

I will be watching the email closely.

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