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It's Gonna Start Getting BUSY!!!

April 22, 2017

Hope everyone had a fantastic  4/20!


There are a number of things that need to be mentioned that will be of critical importance in the next few days - I'll take them chronologically:


Saturday the 29th of April is the first community event being hosted by the Fairbanks North Star Borough AMIA Chapter (FNSBAMIA, or the Alphabet Soup Chapter) in Fairbanks proper at Pioneer Park.


By community I do mean the whole community is welcome to come down.

There will be people to talk to for those who know everything about cannabis, and people to talk to for those who know absolutely nothing.

It should be a great and informative time for everybody who has some spare time and wants to

get to know what this new industry is all about.


The second thing to think about is the upcoming vote on May 2nd for the city of Valdez.

The attempt is being made to put a prohibition up in Valdez with Prop 1.

That is a resounding NO on Prop 1.


If you have anytime to get over to Valdez after Fairbanks this should be interesting.

The fights that we are getting involved in while we are fighting to get established as businesses is nothing short of amazing.

I have never had to fight so hard to help get something going that a majority of people approve of, because it is being pushed against by such a small minority.

And what is really sad is that for the most part (you can nod your head here) the people who are against the legalization of marijuana are people who are uninformed or misinformed.


It is absolutely staggering what 70 years of "Reefer Madness" can do.

I think sometimes that the biggest thing that affects the nation as a whole is a lack of historical perspective. 

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