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The AMIA does not sell or offer for sale any marijuana or marijuana products.

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 AMCO recently adopted regulations      

  • AAC 306.460

    • A licensed facility may provide marijuana samples to employees for the purpose of quality control

      • Samples must not exceed 1 oz in a 30 day period, each sample is registered and tracked, consumption does not occur on licensed premises, no sample may be resold, employee is to complete a quality control form prescribed by board for each sample, and licensee is to maintain copies of these forms.

  • AAC 306.557

    • Notification requirements for disposal of waste

      • If a sample fails the required tests the establishment is to dispose of entire harvest batch or production lot from which the sample came and must notify the director within 24 hours if the amount destroyed totals more than 1oz, if a sample fails test—with written request—the director may approve said batch to be used to make carbon dioxide or solvent based extract, the license holder may also petition for retest of a failed sample.

  • AAC 306.715

    • Establishment will notify AMCO no more than 24 hours after unauthorized access to licensed premises

      • Includes evidence of theft

  • AAC 306.740

    • Disposal of waste

      • Product that exceeds 1oz of marijuana or 1g of concentrate deemed unusable by license holder must be recorded and reported to the board immediately—anything less must be recorded and reported to board within three days.

  • AAC 306.020

    • Amendment to language regarding marijuana establishment affiliates, general partnerships, corporate officers, and directors

  • AAC 306.100

    • Processing fee for all subsequent inspections is $500

  • AAC 306.430 (c) (2)

    • Allows local government to address issues regarding odor

      • Facility must ensure that no odor is being admitted unless specifically allowed by local government approval

  • AAC 306.750

    • Amended to allow licensees to transport marijuana product to trade shows or industry events

  • AAC 306.760

    • Amended to permit licensed marijuana establishments to participate in industry events.

      • Licensed facilities may bring one plant for display, one oz for display, one sample package of each marijuana product made, no product may be sold or distributed by a licensee at the event, product is only to be handled by citizens with valid marijuana handler permit

AMCO Regulations in progress for board review

  • AAC 306.015(e)

    • Related to direct or indirect financial interest in a marijuana business

  • AAC 306.360 repealed and amended to add new subsection to Article 7- 306.700

    • New restrictions on marijuana businesses and product advertising

      • Advertisement for product must include business name and license number, product may not include advertisement directed towards persons younger than 21 (cartoons etc.), all advertising and product must contain the surgeons warning- which must be plainly visible- and least half the size of the advertisement on the sign and no smaller than size 9 font when in printed form.

    • Public comment ends 4:30 on September 29, 2017

  • AAC 306.370

    • Onsite consumption endorsement for retail stores

      • Licensed businesses may sell marijuana product (excluding concentrates) that does not exceed one gram for consumption on licenses premises’ in designated areas separated from the remainder of the premises either in a separate building or behind a secured door with a separate ventilation system, licensees and employees may not consume during work shift, no tobacco or alcohol may be consumed in designated areas.

    • Public comment ends at 4:30 on October 27, 2018

AMCO Open draft regulations

  • AAC 306.660

    • Proposed to change procedures under which licensees can petition board for testing of failed material

  • AAC 306.740

    • Proposed to remove the word “roots” from the definition of marijuana waste and expand definition to include expired products and those unfit for sale or consumption

    • Public comment ends at 4:30 on June 1, 2018

  • AAC 306.405

    • Proposed to define plant limits and rules for introducing new strains for standard cultivation licensees

      • (no attachment of amendment on AMCO site)

  • AAC 306.730

    • Proposed to clarify regulations regarding seed-to-sale tracking in the marijuana inventory tracking system

      • (no attachment of amendment on AMCO site)

  • AAC 306.990

    • Proposed to define mature and immature marijuana plants

      • (no attachment of amendment on AMCO site)

    • Public comment ends at 4:30 on June 1, 2018

  • AAC 306.360 proposed to be repealed as AAC 306.760

    • New section proposed to regulate signs, merchandise, and advertisements and promotions for licensed marijuana businesses

      • (no attachment of amendment on AMCO site)

    • Public comment ends at 4:30 on June 1, 2018

  • AAC 306.700 (c)

    • Proposed to change date on which a MHP is issued

      • Person must retake MHP education course at each renewal

  • AAC 306.720(e)

    • Proposed to extend the amount of time surveillance recordings must be retained

      • From 40 days to 120 days

    • Public comment ends at 4:30 on June 1, 2018

  • AAC 306.990(b)(35)

    • Proposed to add additional language defining a recreation or youth facility

    • Public comment ends at 4:30 on June 1, 2018